Man Jokingly Asks Nikki Haley To Marry Him – When She Asks For His Vote He Says ‘I’m Going To Vote For Trump’

A man attending a campaign stop for Nikki Haley shouted a proposal to marry the former South Carolina Governor. When she asked if it would result in a vote for her, the response wasn't quite what she had hoped for.
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A man attending a campaign stop for Nikki Haley shouted a marriage proposal to the former South Carolina Governor. When she asked if it would result in a vote for her, the response wasn’t quite what she had hoped for.

The amusing moment came as Haley was speaking to supporters at the Artisan Hotel in Salem, New Hampshire on Monday on the eve of the Granite State’s primary.

A man in the crowd interrupted her speech by shouting, “Nikki, will you marry me?”

“Are you going to vote for me?” she joked, laughing at the proposal.

“No, I’m going to vote for Trump,” he replied.

Haley then smiled and waved him away saying, “Oh, get out of here,” while the crowd booed.

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Nikki Haley: The Polls Aren’t Looking Good

The interaction between Haley and the smitten Donald Trump supporter provided a bit of levity for a campaign that seems destined to lose to the former President on Tuesday.

New Hampshire has been where the Haley campaign has seemingly put all their eggs into one basket, at one point closing poll margins to within single digits as other GOP presidential contenders dropped out of the race.

A CNN/University of New Hampshire poll released on Sunday shows Trump’s lead back into double digits.

Worse, a J.L. Partners/ poll shows that while Trump supporters are excited about voting for the former President because of his leadership and policies, Haley’s supporters are almost exclusively motivated by trying to stop him.

Like many that have come before her, that isn’t the kind of motivation that is going to win elections. Just ask Liz Cheney.

Only two percent say they are voting for Haley because of her policies while over 50% want “to stop Trump.”

Trump’s supporters by contrast, according to the poll, show that they are motivated by his strength, his plans for the economy, and his record in his first term. 

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But She DID Win Dixville Notch

On a positive note for Haley and her campaign, she did manage to sweep all votes in the tiny resort town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

While that alone is unlikely to carry her to victory, her campaign celebrated the win.

“The New Hampshire primary is officially underway, and Nikki Haley has won every ballot tallied thus far,” they announced with great fanfare in an email to supporters. “In the historic town of Dixville Notch, six registered voters gathered at midnight to cast the first votes of the day.”

Today, Dixville Notch … Tomorrow, the world!

And while she isn’t getting divorced and remarried to that Trump supporter, Haley does seem excited about the victory in Dixville.

“A great start to a great day in New Hampshire,” she declared. “Thank you Dixville Notch!”

What do you think about Haley’s chances? Let us know in the comments section.

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