Report: ‘Bloodthirsty’ Venezuelan Crime Gang Operating In Florida And One Of Them Just Murdered A Retired Police Officer

According to recent reports, there are indications that members of the Tren de Aragua, a powerful Venezuelan criminal gang, may have arrived in the United States.
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According to recent reports, there are indications that members of the Tren de Aragua, a powerful transnational criminal gang originating from Venezuela, may have arrived in the United States.

The gang is known for its involvement in kidnapping, drug trafficking, and contract killings, and its presence has been a growing concern for law enforcement agencies.

The Miami Herald reports that one member of the gang has been charged with the murder of a 43-year-old retired Venezuelan police officer who lived in Doral, Florida. The man was abducted and killed by 23-year-old Yurwin Salazar, who is identified as a member of Tren de Aragua.

While the Herald describes Salazar as just an “immigrant,” the newspaper also notes that “many” members of the gang, known for their “wanton use of violence,” have “joined the massive immigration wave fleeing Venezuela and have set up shop in neighboring countries.”

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Venezuelan Gang Roaming South Florida

The Joe Biden administration’s open borders policies have led to the arrival of a “bloodthirsty” gang from Venezuela, the Tren de Aragua.

The gang operates as an “umbrella organization for smaller gangs specialized in all types of crimes, from kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking to prostitution, robbery and murders for hire,” the Herald reports.

They also note that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have detained 38 suspected Tren de Aragua members in the previous fiscal year.

Javier Ignacio Mayorca, a Venezuelan security expert cited by the Miami Herald, explains that the gang members were coming from Colombia and “walking all the way to the United States.”

Salazar, if proven to be a member of the gang, would be confirmation that at least one of these dangerous individuals made it through the border and was roaming South Florida. It’s very likely that there are more just like him.

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They Could Be Elsewhere

The arrival of the “bloodthirsty” gang means the arrival of what former President Donald Trump might call “animals.” They are as violent as MS-13 gang members, according to various media reports.

Aside from the Herald’s description of them as using kidnapping and murders for hire, the New York Post describes them as maintaining a significant sex-trafficking operation by “branding women and young girls with tattoos.”

Chicago police officers were warned in November to be on the lookout for members of Tren de Aragua amongst the thousands of illegal immigrants that have been sent there via Texas governor Greg Abbott.

The presence of a member of the violent Venezuelan gang come as videos shared on social media show thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants trying to get from that nation to the U.S. southern border via train.

ABC News reported in September that roughly 5,000 illegals from Venezuela attempted to hop aboard trains near the central Mexican city of Irapuato while drone footage showed them on top of trains heading to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Around that same time, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced that nearly a half-million Venezuelan illegal immigrants would be given permission to live and work in the country legally.

Mayorkas announcement came as videos surfaced on social media showing thousands of Venezuelan illegal aliens casually walking across the border in Texas.

The expansion of Tren de Aragua can largely be attributed to the Biden administration’s open border policies, which have allowed for increased migration and, unfortunately, the arrival of “bloodthirsty” gang members as well.

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