Stunning Footage Shows Tens of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Desperately Trying to Catch a Train and Cross The U.S. Border

Shocking footage shows thousands of illegal immigrants lining train tracks in a desperate bid to hail a ride across the United States border just a few hours away.
Screenshot: @GriffJenkins X Video

Shocking footage shows thousands of illegal immigrants lining train tracks in a desperate bid to hail a ride across the United States border just a few hours away.

The video was captured and posted to social media by Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins. It is taken from the view of somebody aboard the train and shows a sea of illegal aliens walking dangerously close to the tracks and raising their hands as the train goes by.

The images were taken in Mexico roughly three hours south of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, which is a stone’s throw from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Jenkins describes the footage as capturing “tens of thousands of migrants attempting to catch a train” and cross an area at the border where Border Patrol agents are “already overwhelmed with unprecedented numbers.”

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Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Border In Train Loads

The Piedras Negras to Eagle Pass area has been one of the most active breaches in the border in America for some time. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is often camped out there providing harrowing video of the ongoing invasion at the border.

Drone footage aired on social media back in September showing hundreds of illegal aliens on top of trains heading to Eagle Pass.

ABC News reported at the time that roughly 5,000 illegals from Venezuela attempted to hop aboard trains near the central Mexican city of Irapuato.

Some shouted, “God bless Mexico!” as they desperately tried to leave … well, Mexico. Others were waving a Venezuelan flag as they too were fleeing Venezuela.

Melugin has previously described the area as “a total free-for-all.”

“About 2 million people – from every country on Earth – are entering through the US southern border every year,” X CEO Elon Musk wrote in response to the earlier Eagle Pass coverage. “The number is rising rapidly, yet no preventive action is taken by the current administration.”

Musk would later visit the location, something President Joe Biden has never done in his time in the White House.

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How Easy Is It To Cross The Border?

Almost exactly one year ago, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired footage from the Piedras Negras location showing illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border “without any intervention whatsoever from our National Guard.”

Michigan reporter Charlie LeDuff narrated the video and joined the swarm trying to cross at a location where “about 2,000 migrants cross in this sector every day of every week.”

Illegal immigrant encounters, according to Fox News, set a record of about 12,000 seen in one day last week.

“It’s a damn mess,” LeDuff explained at the time. “On the left, they’re saying – ‘war-torn, these are asylum seekers’ – they’re just broke people looking for a better life.”

The mess is getting worse.

Last week, Melugin posted a video showing dozens of illegal immigrants running through a hole in the border wall, aided by a human smuggler, in full view of border patrol agents.

The human smuggler, Melugin reported, “then shrugs at our cameras (and) salutes us.”

President Biden has dismissed the thought of visiting the southern border and observing the crisis that critics claim his administration has created, deriding the idea because “there are more important things.”

Biden eventually made a “visit” of sorts, though even left-wing networks admitted that the trip was thinly veiled Kabuki theater as illegal immigrant camps were cleared out ahead of time.

“President Joe Biden visited the US-Mexico border on Sunday for the first time as president, but he did not appear to see or meet with migrants, including during a trip to a migrant respite center,” CNN reported.

More than 8.2 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since Biden took office, including more than 1.7 million gotaways that have evaded Border Patrol.

When will this madness end?

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