Tucker Carlson Airs Video Showing How Easy It is For Illegal Immigrants to Enter US, Calls Out Republicans For Letting it Happen

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently aired video showing just how easy it is for illegal immigrants to cross into the United States with little to no resistance.
Screenshot: Twitter Video @TuckerCarlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently aired video showing just how easy it is for illegal immigrants to cross into the United States with little to no resistance.

Images he calls “remarkable” show illegals attempting to cross in Piedras Negras, Mexico, “without any intervention whatsoever from our National Guard.”

Michigan reporter Charlie LeDuff narrates the video, which includes footage of him trying to cross at a location where “about 2,000 migrants cross in this sector every day of every week.”

LeDuff slammed politicians on both sides of the aisle for their talking points in dealing with the border invasion.

“It’s a damn mess,” he explained. “On the left, they’re saying – ‘war-torn, these are asylum seekers’ – they’re just broke people looking for a better life.”

He also called “build the wall” a “dumb” idea.

“If you touch American soil, you get asylum,” he added, noting that a wall built 20 feet inside the border doesn’t stop the illegal immigrants from being granted what they seek.

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Video: Illegal Immigrants Crossing With Ease

Shocking video covered by The Political Insider back in November seems to confirm LeDuff’s view that a good majority of these illegal immigrants aren’t asylum seekers from ‘war-torn’ countries.

Almost all of the individuals in that video are single adults from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

Perhaps the most startling aspect of the video is how the single adults illegally crossing the border appear to be well-fed, well-clothed, and in good spirits.

These aren’t the images of starving children clamoring to get in as a means to escape their war-torn countries and decrepit living circumstances.

Many are sporting name-brand sweatshirts, some with college university logos from schools in the United States.

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Tucker: Republicans Are Colluding to Keep Border Crisis Going

LeDuff goes on to insist the “pinheads” in Washington need to do something about the border crisis.

Just prior to releasing LeDuff’s outrageous video, Carlson penned an op-ed accusing Republicans of colluding with Democrats in keeping the border crisis alive.

“Why are they coming?” he asked. “There’s only one reason. Because the Democratic Party wants new voters, period.”

But Republicans are expressing interest in granting amnesty to so-called Dreamers.

Carlson was responding to reports that “Democrats and several Republicans are working on a deal to pass mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens before the new Congress can be seated” in January.

“Imagine, someone who’s on his way out of Congress, in days, will be codifying a law that will change the country forever,” he said.

For now, however, that remains to be seen if they are successful in pushing something across in the lame duck session.

“The government must manage the flow of human beings in a way that’s acceptable to ‘We, the people,” LeDuff added.

“And they’re not doing a damn thing.”

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