A video has surfaced showing hundreds of illegal immigrants casually crossing the southern border in Normandy, Texas, a vast majority of whom are single adults, appearing in good spirits and good shape, meeting absolutely no resistance from authorities.

This, friends, is precisely what a border invasion through wide open borders looks like.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin documented the scene last week when he released the video showing “300+ crossing illegally into Normandy.”

He states that “almost all” of the individuals in the video are “single adults” from countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

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Border Video Shows Single Adults Simply Filing Across the Border

Perhaps the most startling aspect of the video is how the single adults illegally crossing the border appear to be well-fed, well-clothed, and in good spirits.

These aren’t the images of, what Democrats would have you believe, starving children clamoring to get in as a means to escape their war-torn countries, to escape poverty and decrepit living circumstances.

Many are sporting name-brand sweatshirts, some with college university logos from schools in the United States. Several of them flash peace signs, wave, and give a thumbs up for the cameras, expressing no concerns about illegally entering the country.

Also last week, Melugin reported on illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, waving a large Venezuelan flag, and attacking border patrol agents.

Fox News reported on the “massive group of illegal migrants” crossing into the United States “waving a large Venezuelan flag” and attacking Border Patrol agents “before being pushed back into the river as agents used crowd-control measures.”

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Biden’s ‘No Consequences’ Border Policies

Melugin posted thermal imagery from drones showing streams of illegal immigrants surging across the southern border and encountering nothing in the way of law enforcement.

“For the fifth day in a row, our thermal drone team witnessed another huge group of migrants crossing illegally,” he tweeted.

“Same spot and time, every day,” he explained, noting there was “no resistance” on the Mexican side and the illegal immigrants simply had to crawl under a chain link fence on the U.S. side.

The GOP Rapid Response team over the weekend reported that there have been over 1 million ‘gotaways’ – people who illegally crossed the border and escaped into the U.S. without being arrested – since President Biden took office.

The Political Insider reported in September on the shifting demographics of those crossing the border.

Agents from the Border Patrol have reportedly been processing people from over 115 countries at bustling crossing locations – with hardly any of them being from Mexico.

A total of 98 individuals on the terror watchlist have been arrested, nearly four times the total of the previous five years combined.

Have any passed through the porous border as ‘gotaways’? The problem is, we might not know until it’s too late.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stated under oath this past summer that President Biden’s “no consequences” immigration policies are responsible for the current surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

This latest video at the border shows illegals clearly unconcerned about facing consequences.

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