Border Patrol Chief Testifies Under Oath That President Biden’s ‘No Consequences’ Immigration Policy Causing Border Crisis

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stated under oath that President Biden’s "no consequences" immigration policies are responsible for the current surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border.
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Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stated under oath that President Biden’s “no consequences” immigration policies are responsible for the current surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

Ortiz made the startlingly blunt admission during a recorded deposition as part of a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.​

Fox News obtained a video of the deposition, which took place on July 28th.

In it, Ortiz is asked a series of questions about the state of affairs at the border and the role President Biden’s policies have had in creating the situation.

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Border Patrol Chief: Biden’s ‘No Consequences’ Immigration Policy to Blame for Crisis

Despite repeated objections from the opposition’s lawyers, Ortiz is allowed to answer the questions put before him regarding the border.

“Would you agree, Chief Ortiz, that the southern border is currently in crisis?” – “Yes.”

“Would you agree, Chief Ortiz, that unprecedented numbers of aliens are illegally entering the United States right now?” – “Yes.”

“When President Biden was elected, did the number of aliens trying to illegally enter the United States increase or decrease?” – “Increase.”

The entire video of Ortiz’s testimony is damning for the President and his immigration policies.

Of particular note is the fact that the border patrol chief testified that President Biden has an immigration policy at the border that involves “no consequences.”

“In my experience, we have seen increases when there are no consequences,” he said as part of the deposition.

Added Ortiz, “There is an assumption that if migrant populations are told that there is a potential that they may be released, that, yes, you can see increases.”

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Illegal Immigrants Believe They’re Going to Be Released – Because They Are

As for the perception by illegal immigrants that they will simply be released upon crossing the border, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz was presented with a spring 2021 memo from DHS that disclosed perception of Biden’s immigration policies as being lenient, in part, fueled the migrant surge at the border.

“Since President Biden was elected, does this document indicate that aliens illegally entering the United States perceive that they will be able to enter and remain in the United States?” the plaintiff’s attorney asked.

“Yes,” Ortiz replied.

And why wouldn’t these illegal immigrants believe they’ll simply be released after crossing the border?

Especially after a video surfaced earlier this month showing Border Patrol agents opening a gate at the southern border and allowing dozens of illegal immigrants into the country after Texas National Guard officers had locked it shut.

Shortly after Biden assumed office, images started surfacing showing people near the southern border wearing t-shirts in support of the President and holding signs which read: “Biden, please let us in!”

Judging by the unprecedented number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, Biden responded to those shirts by saying: Sí, se puede.

In other news on incentivizing illegals to continue pouring over the border, reports have confirmed the administration was handing out smartphones to those crossing.

Ortiz went on to testify under oath that the border is “less safe for Americans and aliens alike” since Biden entered office.

Border Patrol arrested another 10 individuals on the terror watchlist at the southern border in July, according to a report that details actions taken by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the current year, bringing the total to 66 thus far.

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