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November 16, 2020
Hillary Clinton traveled around the world claiming the election was stolen from her by using the "Russians helped Trump narrative."
democrats electoral college
October 5, 2020
Any Dem activist will remind you that in two of the last five presidential elections, the Republican ticket won in…
Klobuchar Trump
May 22, 2020
Amy Klobuchar just reluctantly admitted that hydroxychloroquine saved her husband's life as he battled the deadly coronavirus.
Trump Cavuto
May 22, 2020
President Donald Trump just spoke out to blast Fox News, saying the network is "doing nothing to help Republicans" this…
March 12, 2020
In an ironic turn of events, the Democrats are now forced to use a Trumpian argument to defend their own…
January 22, 2020
Gabbard claims Clinton defamed her by calling her a "Russian asset"
January 13, 2020
"I will carry this fight forward — I just won’t be doing it as a candidate for president this year."
Byron Donalds
January 7, 2020
The Florida Republican State Representative is running for Congress.
trump ad democrats
October 31, 2017
As the media class in Washington, D.C., obsessively talks about the ongoing Mueller investigation into Russia collusion, President Trump releases…