DeSantis Is Bullying Poor Mickey Again…

Governor Ron DeSantis shows no signs of letting up on Mickey as he continues the discussion around removing the special…

4 months ago

Swimming Against The Tide, Disney Takes Wokeness To A New Level

By Harrison Rogers for RealClearPolitics If you thought that “woke” culture couldn’t get worse, think again. In public and behind…

4 months ago

Why This House Of Disney Fans Canceled Disney+ And Said Goodbye To Mickey

I recently canceled my Disney+ subscription. It was a hard decision to make. As a mother of a five-year-old and…

4 months ago

Barbra Streisand Admits She Hates Trump – Claims Biden Will ‘Bring Back Dignity, Honesty, Intelligence, And Compassion’

In a new interview, the Hollywood star Barbra Streisand gushed about former Vice President Joe Biden while also admitting that…

2 years ago

Radical Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush Accuses President Trump Of Wanting ‘Race War’

Ironically, as a Black Panther, Bobby Rush actually tried to start one.

2 years ago

Disney Facing Pressure To Re-Theme Splash Mountain Because Of Ties To ‘Racism’

Both Splash Mountain and "Song of the South" began trending on Twitter on Wednesday, and a Change.org petition demanding the…

2 years ago

ABC Reporter Admits Network Bias Against Trump

Reporter David Wright also says he is a socialist, and not only the democratic kind.

2 years ago

More People Are Talking About Baby Yoda On Facebook And Twitter Than Democratic POTUS Candidates

Chris White on November 29, 2019 A Star Wars character is reportedly gobbling up social media interactions on Facebook and Twitter…

3 years ago

Now That ESPN Is Out Of The Politics Game, Will You Add Them Back To Your Channels?

I don't know if this is going to bring back the masses, but it's a great start to fix the…

3 years ago

Disney CEO Says Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel ‘Blackface’ Controversies Are a ‘Private Matter’

Bob Iger told a shareholder this week the television hosts were 'swiftly' dealt with — but he refused to elaborate

3 years ago

Planned Parenthood: ‘We Need A Disney Princess Who’s Had An Abortion’

In a now-deleted tweet, a Planned Parenthood branch in Pennsylvania proclaimed, "We need a disney [sic] princess who's had an…

4 years ago

Trump Robot Debuts At Disney World’s Hall Of Presidents

Earlier this year there was quite a lot of controversy surrounding the impending installation of a President Donald Trump bot in…

5 years ago