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nikki haley 2024
April 13, 2021
Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has seemingly waved the white flag of surrender to former President Trump in 2024,…
Jim Jordan Says Trump Should Not Concede: ‘Instinctively Everyone Knows’ The Election Is Flawed
December 9, 2020
Jim Jordan said Tuesday that President Donald Trump should not concede the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.
twitter trump account
November 25, 2020
Even if Donald Trump does not concede the presidential election, Twitter has announced that it will transfer control of @POTUS.
georgia exit poll
November 24, 2020
A letter from Trump administration signaled they begin the formal transition process for the incoming administration of Democrat Joe Biden.
mitt romney trump
November 20, 2020
Senator Mitt Romney that President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims should raise eyebrows because “the president said before the election
michelle obama trump
November 17, 2020
former first lady Michelle Obama appeared to urge President Trump to accept that Joe Biden has definitively won the White…
November 16, 2020
Hillary Clinton traveled around the world claiming the election was stolen from her by using the "Russians helped Trump narrative."
Chris Wallace Trump
November 13, 2020
Fox News host Chris Wallace predicted that you'll likely never see President Donald Trump concede this presidential election.
CNN List
November 11, 2020
CNN host Brianna Keilar broadcasted a list of GOP senators who have not "acknowledged Biden as president-elect" on Tuesday.
Trump 2024
November 10, 2020
According to a new report from Axios on Monday, President Donald Trump is thinking about a 2024 presidential run.
mitch mcconnell
November 10, 2020
Senator Mitch McConnell blasted Democrats and the media for complaining that President Trump has not conceded the 2020 election.
August 19, 2019
Stacey Abrams said she’s still refusing to concede her 2018 election defeat because doing so would be an admission that…