During a Senate floor speech on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted Democrats and the media for complaining that President Trump has not conceded the 2020 election.

The Trump campaign is currently litigating the results in several states.

McConnell said, “More broadly, let’s have no lectures about how the President should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election.”

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McConnell: Democrats Said Biden Should Not Concede

McConnell wasn’t finished. He continued, “And who insinuated this one would be illegitimate, too, if they lost again. Let’s have no lectures on this subject from that contingent.”

McConnell then pointed out that top Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, have long insisted that Biden should not concede the election.

“In late August, Secretary Hillary Clinton said, quote, ‘Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances… I think this is going to drag out, and… he will win if we don’t give an inch,’” McConnell said.

“That same month, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader both stated, quote, ‘[President Trump] needs to cheat to win.’” McConnell added.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader continued, “In October, when Speaker Pelosi was shopping some conspiracy theory about the Postal Service, she recklessly said, quote, ‘I have no doubt that the president… will lie, cheat, and steal, to win this election.’”

McConnell questioned Democrats’ credibility in light of such rank hypocrisy.

“Does this sound like a chorus that has any credibility to say a few legal challenges from President Trump represent some kind of crisis?” he added.

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Do Democrats Have A Leg To Stand On?

“At this time last week, small-business owners in cities across America were boarding up their windows in case President Trump appeared to win and far-left mobs decided to reprise their summertime rioting,” McConnell queried.

“Suffice to say a few legal inquiries from the President do not exactly spell the end of the Republic,” McConnell finished.

No, it does not. McConnell is right.

Americans should want integrity in their elections and President Trump is merely insisting on it.

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