Romney Dismissive Of Trump Fraud Claims: ‘Biden Will Become The Next President’

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On Thursday, anti-Trump Republican Senator Mitt Romney said that President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims should raise eyebrows because “the president said before the election that if he were to lose, it would be because of voter fraud.”

Romney denied there has been mass fraud.

“At this stage, we haven’t heard any evidence of a widespread voter fraud effort that would result in a change in the outcome of the election,” Romney said on “The Axe Files” podcast.

“The Axe Files” is run by David Axelrod – Barack Obama’s former campaign manager.

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Romney Says President Trump Is Off Base With Voter Fraud Charges

Axelrod said that it was President Trump’s social media that was giving his supporters hope.

“The place where the allegations are being made are mostly the president’s Twitter feed,” Axelrod said.

Romney replied, “I’m surprised that there are as many people as you say that give it credibility even within our own country because the president said before the election that if he were to lose, it would be because of voter fraud, it would be because of corruption.”

Romney continued, “And then a day or two after the election, when the vote was called by the major networks, he indicated that there was massive fraud and that he had been robbed of the victory and that was before any evidence has been gathered.”

The Republican senator from Utah said it was strange for Trump to say him losing would be fraud before the election even happened.

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Romney: Biden Will Be President

“It’s one thing to charge a crime before you actually see any evidence,” Romney said. “Normally you find evidence, and then after seeing evidence, then you reach a conclusion about whether or not there was a crime committed.”

“But I understand the president is not happy with the result,” the senator added. “He’s entitled to pursue his legal remedies.”

“But I think in all likelihood it’s pretty clear that Joe Biden will become the next president,” Romney finished.

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