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trump blasts bush
September 14, 2021
President Donald Trump slammed former President George W. Bush 9/11 comments in which he compared the al-Qaeda attacks January 6.  
Representative Ilhan Omar lashed out at some of her colleagues for issuing a statement with 'Islamophobic tropes' after a mere dozen condemned her over comments equating the United States and Israel to the Taliban.
June 10, 2021
Representative Ilhan Omar lashed out colleagues statement with 'Islamophobic tropes' condemned equating the US and Israel to the Taliban.
November 21, 2019
Former Fox News host Shepard Smith criticized the “intimidation and vilification of the press” Thursday in his first public remarks
July 19, 2019
ESPN host Dan Le Batard went on a rant Thursday calling Trump supporters racist and blasting the station for refusing…
July 17, 2019
Ilhan Omar insisted she does not regret any of her past anti-Semitic remarks, implying that it's the interpretation of others…
May 15, 2019
Rep. Ilhan Omar defended her colleague Rashida Tlaib claiming her insensitive Holocaust remarks were taken out of context as a…
May 14, 2019
Democrats are demanding that Republicans apologize for the way they reacted to Rashida Tlaib's offensive comments about the Holocaust.
May 13, 2019
Molly Prince on May 13, 2019 House Majority Steny Hoyer defended Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Monday after she received…
April 11, 2019
Rep. Rashida Tlaib believes critics of her colleague Ilhan Omar’s comments trivializing the 9/11 terrorist attacks are simply “racist.” The…