Though many have asked Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib to apologize for her offensive comments about the Holocaust, Democrat leaders are not among them. BUT, Democrats are demanding that Republicans apologize for the way they reacted to her comments.

You can’t make this up.

This controversy began when Tlaib said on a podcast over the weekend that she had a “calming feeling” when thinking about the Holocaust because, as reported by Breitbart “she claimed (falsely), Palestinians had provided ‘a safe haven for Jews.’ Tlaib brought up the Holocaust in answer to a question about her support for a ‘one-state solution’ that would replace Israel with a Palestinian state.”

Republicans blasted Tlaib’s “calming feeling” comment due in large part to her past antisemitic rhetoric.

Democrats Try to Flip the Script

But instead of condemning their Democratic colleague, Democrats attempted to flip the script.

They want Republicans to apologize to her.

“Republicans’ desperate attempts to smear @RepRashida & misrepresent her comments are outrageous. President @realDonaldTrump & House GOP should apologize to Rep. Tlaib & the American people for their gross misrepresentations,” tweeted Nancy Pelosi.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer tweeted, “If you read Rep. @RashidaTlaib’s comments, it is clear that President Trump and Congressional Republicans are taking them out of context. They must stop, and they owe her an apology.”

Democrat Congressman James Clyburn joined in, “We must stand up and speak out when Republicans attempt to divide us. Their efforts to twist @RepRashida’s words and use faith as a weapon are unconscionable.”

And of course, Bernie Sanders joined the Dem chorus, “Mr. President: Stop dividing the American people up by their religion, their race or their country of origin–and stop your ugly attacks against Muslim women in Congress. You are taking Rep. @RashidaTlaib‘s comments out of context and should apologize.”

Tlaib issued a statement about the controversy that was rather hard to take seriously.

How can anyone take any Democrat seriously?

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