Chelsea Handler

Alyssa Milano Demands Biden Makes Moves Towards Slave Reparations

The Hollywood actress-turned-radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano is speaking out this week to demand that President Joe Biden take action…

1 year ago

Chelsea Handler Goes Topless For Bizarre Video Urging Michigan Residents To Vote

The radically liberal comedian Chelsea Handler unravelled once again on Tuesday when she posted a truly bizarre video in which…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler Brags About Verbally Assaulting Conservatives In Airports On ‘The View’

While appearing on "The View" on Wednesday, the unhinged radically liberal comedian Chelsea Handler bragged about verbally assaulting conservatives in…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler Reveals Disturbing Details About Her ‘Deep, Deep Crush’ On Governor Andrew Cuomo

The comedian Chelsea Handler has long been disturbingly vocal about her "deep, sexual feelings" about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler Bizarrely Admits To Having ‘Deep Sexual Feelings’ For Governor Andrew Cuomo

The radical liberal comedian Chelsea Handler admitted in her new comedy special that she is so obsessed with New York's…

2 years ago

Hollywood Stars Strip ‘Naked’ For Bizarre Election Ballot PSA

Just when we thought the liberal elites of Hollywood could not get any nuttier, they stripped naked for a bizarre…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler: ‘A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For White Supremacy’

Comedian Chelsea Handler just had yet another deranged meltdown against Donald Trump and his supporters, this time claiming that the…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler Launches Attack On Republicans – Says Their Platform Is ‘Walls, Guns, And Racism’

Comedian Chelsea Handler just launched a truly vile attack on Republicans, saying that the party's platform is "walls, guns, and…

2 years ago

Unhinged Chelsea Handler Bizarrely Claims Georgia Gov. Kemp Committed ‘War Crimes’ Over Mask Policy

The radically leftwing Chelsea Handler isn't exactly known for being the sharpest tool in the shed, but she really outdid…

2 years ago

Hollywood Has Full Meltdown After Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence – ‘You’re A Sociopath’

Hollywood had a full meltdown on Friday night when President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. The White…

2 years ago

Chelsea Handler Says It’s ‘Not Enough’ To Say You Aren’t Racist: Demands Whites Work ‘To Dismantle The System’

Comedian Chelsea Handler just launched into what can only be described as an unhinged attack on white people, saying that…

2 years ago

Hollywood Celebrates Supreme Court DACA Ruling: ‘Let’s Make It For Life’

“Sweet dreams tonight DREAMERS! Thank you @Scotus.”

2 years ago