Chelsea Handler Goes Topless For Bizarre Video Urging Michigan Residents To Vote

Chelsea Handler

The radically liberal comedian Chelsea Handler unravelled once again on Tuesday when she posted a truly bizarre video in which she went topless to urge the people of Michigan to vote.

Handler Goes Topless For Bizarre Voting Video

In the video that was posted to her Twitter page on Tuesday afternoon, the 45 year-old former late night host was completely topless, with two “I Voted” stickers obscuring her nipples.

“Please do not let anyone intimidate you on voting lines. I know it can be intimidating when people have guns in the state of Michigan, which is ridiculous,” Handler said.

“If you are intimated by anyone, please do not engage,” she said. “Hold your head up high. Go in and cast your ballot for the candidate that you choose.”

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Michigan is seen as a battleground state going into this election. Handler, who is from New Jersey and does not appear to have ever lived in Michigan, proceeded to go off on a tangent about how this election may not be decided for days.

“This is a democracy,” she said. “We will not stop until every vote is counted. We don’t know how it’s going to go today. It could be called tonight because there could such an overwhelming victory for Joe Biden.”

“Or we could have to wait days and days and days and days,” she added. “Either way, you have to be prepared to accept that democracy means that every vote is counted.”

Handler concluded by pointing to her nipple and saying, “One for me,” before pointing to the other and adding, “Well, I can’t vote twice, so just one.”

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Handler Needed Therapy To Deal With Trump’s 2016 Win

Over the past four years, Handler has become infamous for having one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome in Hollywood. She admitted last week that she had so much hatred for Trump and his supporters coursing through her that she had to get therapy after he won the 2016 election to deal with his victory.

“[M]y level of outrage was just not — I couldn’t handle it anymore,” Handler said. “I was just — my veins were throbbing, and I wanted to learn how to talk to Trump supporters or conservatives at this time in 2016.

“Now Trump supporters, I don’t have anything to say to them anymore at this juncture, but I wanted to be able to have the conversations that I was being prevented from having because of my anger,” she added.

This piece was written by James Samson on November 3, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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