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Detroit Police Chief Plans Republican Run Against Governor Gretchen Whitmer
May 10, 2021
Detroit Police Chief James Craig is reportedly gearing up to run against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, most watched midterm races.
rashida tlaib structural racism
April 20, 2021
In a recent interview, far-left Democrat Rashida Tlaib claimed without evidence that law enforcement is built on “structural racism.”
When Minnesota Police Chief Called Street Chaos A 'Riot,' Reporters Loudly Object
April 13, 2021
Police chief injured by bricks, rocks, and frozen soda cans, and called the event a "riot," reporters loudly objected to…
rashida tlaib no police
April 13, 2021
Democrat Rashida Tlaib called for "no more policing" following the Sunday police killing of a 20-year-old black man in Minnesota.
Derek Chauvin George Floyd Released
October 7, 2020
Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin, at the center of the George Floyd case, has been released from jail after posting…
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler warned rioters that they would help re-elect Trump
September 2, 2020
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler smeared a police officer who tackled a rioter, saying the officer was “filmed repeatedly striking an…
August 21, 2020
Texas governor Greg Abbott is pushing forward with a plan to freeze tax revenues for cities that decide to defund…
New Footage Of George Floyd Murder Leaked Filmed By Police Body Cam
August 4, 2020
The UK Daily Mail has published leaked footage of  Minneapolis police taking the life of George Floyd on Memorial Day…
July 17, 2020
Detroit Police released body cam video footage showing a law enforcement officer firing off eight shots being fired in rapid…
July 14, 2020
Black DA Jackie Lacey just spoke out to torch the Black Lives Matter movement for targeting her and for trying…
Live PD
June 11, 2020
A&E announced that their popular real-time documentary series "Live PD," which featured real life law enforcement solving crime, would be…
June 1, 2020
The Democrat Governors in key states are stonewalling the #ReOpen America effort, while their media allies stoke the fires of…