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Guess What? These Violent Riots Were Never About Police Action

The Democrat Governors in key states are stonewalling the #ReOpen America effort, while their media allies stoke the fires of panic.

Many Americans are scared of the virus, but new fears and angst are arising. People are losing their livelihoods and confidence in the system. It does not help that we have a party that favors the Chinese who allegedly gave us COVID-19, hates a duly elected president who stands up for this country and seeks to transform this nation into a socialist entity that will eventually become a communist dictatorship as the power-mad seek to gain every greater authority.

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The governors in key states have already displayed that tendency. Now what we are seeing is the erosion of the rule of law as the leftist radicals go unchallenged. My fear is that if the Federal Government does not restore order in democrat ruled cities and states and end the lockdown, the long-suffering apathetic conservatives will finally have had enough and we will devolve into anarchy and chaos and civil war. And it will be far bloodier than the first.

The Dems hoped to have food riots because they were ready to blame it on Trump, but that didn’t materialize. So race riots are the best they could come up with. Looting and arson should always be met with a bullet. People marching on the sidewalk, not blocking the street, is always fine. They have a right to speak, but they do not have a right to compel me to listen. They can address and petition the authorities, . . . but they can’t hold me hostage.

I read a post about three days ago from someone who said he was a conservative and have come to the conclusion the country was not worth saving.

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I did not respond, but I thought that was strange coming from a conservative. After this weekend, I’m starting to think he may be onto something. Give me a few minutes.


We can make excuses about how they went wild from being in lockdown too long but I think the quality of the citizenry is declining fast. Even faster than during the ’60s. And most importantly, many of our politicians are now outright communists who would like to tear down the country.

The rich irony, our dumb down citizenry, many who are followers of the communist politicians who are leading them astray, will not / would not be able to loot and pillage in such a system without being run over by tanks.

Why not? Because once that system is in place, the velvet gloves that now dole out lavish freebies and utopian promises will have come off to show the iron fists that were hidden heretofore.

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Our Marxist education system now in place is not telling them about the tanks. Only about the beautiful Utopia to come. The Marxist profs want them to have a surprise.


Trump has disrupted the Left’s plans, and they hate him and his supporters for it. They hate him for other reasons as well, but the foundation for their hate is that the Democrats could just taste their National Socialism being put in place with a Hillary victory. But Trump blocked the door and said NO! And now, Trump has become an existential threat to their movement by exposing them.