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Barbra Streisand Rob Reiner
March 1, 2024
Hollywood stars are losing their minds over SCOTUS taking up the Donald Trump immunity case, saying “f*** the Supreme Court.”
Rob Reiner
February 20, 2024
Rob Reiner ranted against Donald Trump and conservative Christians on Monday, accusing them of “poisoning Christianity.”
Norman Lear
December 6, 2023
Norman Lear, the creator of “All In The Family,” Maude,” “The Jeffersons,” and other shows, has died at the age of 101.
John Rich
August 21, 2023
John Rich, the country music star known for his conservative views, is infuriating liberals with his anti-woke song “I’m Offended.”
rob reiner trump
October 16, 2020
Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner accused President Donald Trump of committing “premeditated murder.”
Trump Reiner
September 14, 2020
Rob Reiner just said that Donald Trump is Confederate leader “Jefferson Davis” in this “modern-day Civil War.”
Trump Rob Reiner
May 9, 2020
Rob Reiner tried to attack President Donald Trump with nine conspiracy theories in one tweet, but we were not about to let him get away with it.
Trump Reiner
April 25, 2020
Rob Reiner just had another meltdown against Donald Trump, calling on George W. Bush and Barack Obama to step in and “save human life.”
Trump Rob Reiner
April 9, 2020
Rob Reiner just had yet another meltdown against Donald Trump, this time accusing the president of being “mentally unstable” and of killing people.
Trump Reiner
April 2, 2020
Hollywood star Rob Reiner came unhinged once again when he called for Donald Trump to step down for the “survival of our country.”
May 5, 2016
World famous actor and director, Rob Reiner, is apparently trying to reprise his role in All in the Family as the man Archie Bunker referred to as ‘Meathead