Country Music Star John Rich Triggers Liberals With Hit Anti-Woke Song ‘I’m Offended’

John Rich
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The country music star John Rich, who is known for his patriotic conservative views, currently has the number one country music album in America with “The Country Truth.” One of the best songs on the album is “I’m Offended,” an anti-woke anthem that is triggering liberals in a big way!

Rich’s Patriotic New Album

In a world where much of the music industry is dominated by liberals, Rich was determined to put together an album of songs for the millions of patriots out there who love this country. Sadly, their voices are rarely represented in modern music, but Rich is out to change that.

“‘The Country Truth’ is a record full of songs I’ve written from the honest and unapologetic perspective of a patriotic American man, living through one of the most tumultuous times in history,” he said in a statement. “This collection of songs will make you laugh, cry and ponder where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we’re going.”

“I think ‘The Country Truth’ is some of my best pieces of work to date, and I hope it becomes something people really latch on to and love from beginning to end,” he continued.

Epic Track List

The list of tracks on this album includes a range of titles that are sure to make liberal heads explode:

1. PROGRESS – John Rich, Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee
2. I’M OFFENDED – John Rich, Bobby Pinson, Vicky McGehee
3. SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS – John Rich, Greg Gutfled
4. EARTH TO GOD – John Rich
5. A DIME AIN’T WORTH A NICKEL / FT. The Oaks Ridge Boys – John Rich, Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee
7. BAD, BAD THING – John Rich
8. THE MAN – John Rich
9. MY SONG – John Rich
10. SANTA’S GOT A DIRTY JOB / FT. Mike Rowe & The Oak Ridge Boys – John Rich, Mike Rowe

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‘I’m Offended’

One of the most popular songs on the album is “I’m Offended,” which Rich teased earlier this year.

“It might be the funniest song I’ve ever read,” he told Fox News back in April. “It is absolutely hilarious. It is hysterical, from beginning to end. I shot the music video on it last week, so we’re working on that, getting that done, and it basically talks about the culture that we’re in that everybody’s offended about everything all the time.”

“You know, remember back in the day when I was growing up, you had shows [or characters like] Archie Bunker [on ‘All in the Family’] and ‘The Jeffersons’ and ‘Married with Children,'” he added. “I mean, there was all kinds of stuff going on on those shows that those shows would not be allowed to exist today. Cancel culture would wipe those out.”

Rich went on to say that he wanted to “have some fun with it” when it came to going after cancel culture. He certainly did that with “I’m Offended,” the lyrics of which include: “I’m offended/You’re offended/Let’s all get offended tonight/I’ll order us a beer, we can sit down right here/and scream and yell and cuss and fuss and fight.”

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The success of a song like “I’m Offended” and an album like “The Country Truth” shows that millions of Americans have had enough of the woke nonsense that is constantly being pushed on us by the entertainment world.

Liberals may have the loudest voices at times, but there is a silent majority of Americans that still love this country. The music industry should take notice, because this is clearly the type of content we all want right now!

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