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Tim McGraw Toby Keith
February 15, 2024
Tim McGraw paid tribute to the late great Toby Keith with an emotional performance of “Live Like You’re Dying.”
John Rich Taylor Swift
February 9, 2024
John Rich is calling out Taylor Swift for staying silent about Toby Keith’s death after he died on Monday night.
Reba McEntire Toby Keith
February 9, 2024
As she gears up to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday, Reba McEntire is paying tribute to Toby Keith.
Brett Favre Toby Keith
February 8, 2024
The former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is revealing sad details about Toby Keith’s final days, saying “he was just tired.”
John Rich
November 21, 2023
The country music star John Rich has some big Thanksgiving plans that includes “shooting skeet” with his family.
John Rich
November 20, 2023
The country music star John Rich has revealed that he would surrender his career for his two sons, as raising kids is his top priority.
John Rich Epstein Island
November 20, 2023
The conservative country music star John Rich is using Epstein Island to troll liberal elites threatening to leave the U.S. over Trump.
Tim McGraw John Rich
August 25, 2023
Tim McGraw is refusing to pick a side in the current country music culture wars, defiantly saying “I stand for what I stand for.”
John Rich
August 21, 2023
John Rich, the country music star known for his conservative views, is infuriating liberals with his anti-woke song “I’m Offended.”
John Rich Oliver Anthony
August 14, 2023
The country music star John Rich is promoting the viral sensation Oliver Anthony, telling his fans to “pray for this man.”
John Rich Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood
July 21, 2023
The conservative country music star John Rich is shutting down Garth Brooks after he demanded fans give money to Ukraine.
Megyn Kelly Ben & Jerry's
July 6, 2023
Ben & Jerry’s went woke on July 4 by attacking America, and Megyn Kelly is firing back at the ice cream brand.