John Rich Would Give Up His Country Music Career For His Sons – ‘Raising Your Kids Is The Most Important Job’

John Rich
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The conservative singer John Rich may be one of the most successful performers in the world of country music today, but he would sacrifice it all for his two sons if he needed to.

Rich’s ‘Most Important Job’

While most celebrities are more focused on themselves than their families lives these days, Rich’s first priority will always be his children, regardless of how successful he is in the country music industry.

“Raising your kids is the most important job a man or a woman has if they have kids,” Rich, 49, told Fox News. “Spending time with my two boys … teaching them about the world they’re looking at today, getting them ready for what they’re going to run into when they become young men, that is job No. 1.”

“I would never sing another note if you said, ‘Give up your music, give up your kids,'” he continued. “Are you kidding? Not even a question. … There’s nothing I would not do for my two kids.”

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Rich’s Family

Rich and his beloved wife Joan, who he’s been married to since 2008, are parents to sons Cash, 13, and Colt, 12. Rich went on to explain that after the birth of his children, he shifted his “American dream” from being a country star to being a devoted father.

“I spent … all of my … 20s and 30s, that’s all I cared about was just getting out, having hit songs, selling millions of records, doing big concerts. That was my focus, my American dream,” he recalled. “But then my kids were born, and I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m still going to go do those things. But that is no longer my main focus.’”

Rich sees it as a “good thing” that his sons don’t see him as a country music star, and instead just see him as a normal dad who comes to their baseball games and helps them with their homework.

“When I shift down into show mode and they come out on the road … they come see a concert, then their eyes bug out, they go, ‘Wow, we forgot. Dad can do that,’” Rich concluded. “But as soon as the show is over … I downshift right back in to being their dad.”

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Rich Honors WWII Veteran Grandfather With New Song

Family has long meant everything to Rich, who is currently promoting his new song “The Man,” which is meant to honor his World War II veteran grandfather.

“I had the great pleasure and really the advantage, in my opinion, of spending a lot of my life around this old man, World War II veteran,” Rich said. “Quite the stories that he told.”

“I grew up knowing the gritty details of what he did in World War II,” he added. “That’s become a big part of why I feel so strongly about our military, is knowing what he went through. I mean, it was awful.”

Rich explained that his grandfather suffered from PTSD and was “hooked on morphine” for years after the war.

“I wrote this song in memory of him and about my experience with him. But, more broadly, I wrote the song about all of them,” Rich continued, referring to veterans. “You know, ‘The Man,’ to me, yeah, it was him for me, but ‘The Man’ to somebody else is their father, their grandfather, someone in their family that served the country.”

Check out “The Man” for yourself in the video below.

It’s so rare to find someone in the entertainment world today who is as devoted to both their family and military veterans as Rich is. His two sons are lucky to have him, because he seems like a truly amazing father!

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