Steve Scalise Reflects On Shooting Nearly Four Years Later – ‘I Just Started To Pray’

Next month will mark four years since Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot at a congressional baseball practice game, and he spoke out this week to reflect on that traumatic event.

‘I Just Started To Pray

“I just started to pray,” Scalise said. “I’ve got a strong faith, and I just said, ‘You know, what? I’m just going to have a conversation with God, and put it in his hands,’ and once I did it, it’s amazing how calm everything got, because I truly just didn’t want to go that day.”

“First thing that came into my mind — I’ve got a beautiful young daughter, and I said, ‘God, don’t let Madison have to walk down the aisle alone,'” he added. “I just had that image of not being able to walk my daughter down the aisle when, one day when, she’s in it. Those, those were the things that were going through my head.”

“I was hearing everything, but it just [was] kind of like I went to another place. [There was] nothing else I could do, so I just turned it over to God, and boy, he performed miracles — truly performed miracles that day,” Scalise continued.

“There was a moment, finally, when I was put on the helicopter, and it seemed like it was hours — it was probably maybe a total of of 30, 40 minutes from when the shooting started to when I got put on a helicopter to be taken to the hospital — but I could definitely feel myself starting to fade,” he recalled. 

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Scalise Nearly Didn’t Make It

After the shooting, it was not looking good for Scalise at one point, as his blood pressure had become critical due to blood loss.

“By the time I got to the hospital a few minutes later, they said I had a zero blood pressure, which [was] another miracle,” Scalise stated. “Very few people make it through that, but they were able to kind of hold me together. I did feel my body kind of start to shut down, and I just said, ‘Just take me somewhere. I don’t want to die on this ball field.’”

“Fortunately, they were able to get me to the hospital in minutes and into the emergency room, and the surgeons performed more miracles,” he continued. “I was in a coma for about three days, but once I came out, they really walked me through all the things that happened. I had nine different surgeries. Lucky to be alive. God performs miracles.”

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Media Portrayal Of Domestic Terrorism

Scalise went on to talk about how the media and the left typically frame the right as the usual source of domestic terrorism.

“When you’re conservative, you know there’s a double standard, and it’s not right that there is,” he explained. “It’s just unfortunate. I always say there’s no place for violence, no matter where it comes from. Clearly there is a lot of well-documented violence that comes from the left. I just speak out against it wherever I see it, and I remind people that America is built on this foundation that you can disagree with each other.”

“Despite what Prince Harry says, we’ve got a great First Amendment in the United States of America, because it allows us the ability to question government, to question leaders, to question each other, but it doesn’t allow you to resort to violence to resolve those disputes, and that’s where clearly some people have a disconnect,” he concluded. “The media ought to be standing up against [political violence] on both sides.”

Check out this full interview below.


This piece was written by James Samson on May 18, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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