Scalise Demands Biden ‘Reverse’ His Immigration Policy To Fix Border Crisis – ‘He Created This, He Can End It’

Biden Scalise

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) went on Fox Business on Friday morning to demand that Joe Biden fix the ongoing crisis at the border by reversing his immigration policy.

Scalise Calls Out Biden While Visiting Border

Scalise is currently visiting the border along with a delegation of ten members, and he said what he’s seeing there is nothing short of “inhumane.” He added that Biden “created” this “scandal” because he put an end to former President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy after he took office.

“We were there less than an hour and saw dozens of people coming across the border, knowing that the door is wide-open because of President Biden’s new policy,” Scalise said. “This is something that President Biden created.”

“He got rid of the … Remain in Mexico policy,” he added. “It was a highly effective tool President Trump used to work with Mexico to keep people seeking asylum on the other side of the border in Mexico while they make those requests. Most of them are denied, by the way, but what is happening now is because they can just walk right across the border.”

Scalise Doubles Down

“The drug cartels [are] running America’s southern border from Mexico,” he later added. “It is a national crisis. It is a scandal that was completely created by President Biden’s actions. He can reverse it, by the way.”

“We are calling on President Biden to come down and see for himself; don’t … farm it out to Kamala Harris, who won’t come see it for herself. But he needs to reverse the policy,” Scalise concluded. “He created this. He can end it.”

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This comes a day after Scalise called out Biden for the chaos that is currently happening at the border.

“[I]t is beyond a disaster,” Scalise said. “What they’ve done, not only to these border towns — the mayors you hear them, Democrat and Republican, expressing outrage over what President Biden created. Joe Biden created this crisis.”

“It’s open season,” he later added. “And this is dangerous for America, and it’s even more dangerous to these kids that President Biden’s policies have encouraged to come across make the trek and get sexually assaulted along the way.”

Full Story: Steve Scalise Says ‘Joe Biden Created This Crisis’ At The Border – ‘This Is Dangerous’

This piece was written by James Samson on April 10, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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