I know when I’m looking for an authority on Jesus, I go right to Joe Scarborough, the former Republican congressman who now hosts a gossip talk show on MSNBC and is engaged to his co-host.

After all, Scarborough has a habit of invoking our Lord and savior when it best suits him – that is, when it can be done to tarnish President Trump in some way.

Joe was up to his old tricks this morning when he cited the Gospels again to try to smear Trump. This time, Scarborough compared Trump to Pontius Pilate, claiming that the President is “letting Christians get slaughtered.”

Reacting to the horrendous Florida school shooting, here’s what Scarborough said:

He is letting our children get slaughtered. Week, by week, by week. And it will happen again. He’s letting Christians that go to church get slaughtered. Like Pontius Pilate. [House Speaker] Paul Ryan (R-WI). Donald Trump. They’re just washing their hands of it like Pontius Pilate. Letting Christians get slaughtered in pews, letting country fans get slaughtered at concerts.

You can watch the dimwit below:

Do you get it? Nikolas Cruz may have murdered 17 people in that South Florida high school, but the real enemies are Trump and Paul Ryan, high-fiving as they let children be slaughtered at the hands of a lunatic.

Scarborough is once again engaging in hyperbole to excite his audience and slander the President. Joe and his main squeeze Mika have a love-hate relationship with Trump, and were infatuated with him until last summer when a private spat spilled into the public and Trump outed the couple as a bunch of vanity-seeking social climbers. The President also brought up the death of an intern in Scarborough’s congressional office.

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