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Candace Cameron Bure Danica McKellar
Source YouTube: Allie Beth Stuckey, TODAY
February 21, 2024
Candace Cameron Bure is opening up about helping her fellow actress Danica McKellar find God later in life.
Rob Reiner
Source: CBS Sunday Morning YouTube
February 20, 2024
Rob Reiner ranted against Donald Trump and conservative Christians on Monday, accusing them of "poisoning Christianity."
Mark Wahlberg
Source: Hallow Prayer & Meditation YouTube
February 14, 2024
The Hallow prayer app has seen a massive spike in downloads after Mark Wahlberg starred in a Super Bowl ad…
Mark Wahlberg
Source: Hallow Prayer & Meditation YouTube
February 12, 2024
The Christian star Mark Wahlberg appeared in a Super Bowl ad last night in which he encouraged people to pray.
Jon Voight
Jon Voight Truth Social
February 8, 2024
Jon Voight, one of the only conservative Christian stars in Hollywood, is saying that only Donald Trump can save America.
Rob Reiner
Source: CNN YouTube
January 17, 2024
Rob Reiner is attacking Christian supporters of Donald Trump, questioning how someone can believe in Jesus and vote for him.
Lil Nas X
Source: Lil Nas YouTube
January 12, 2024
The rapper Lil Has claimed to have been accepted to the Christian college Liberty University, which has since denied this.
Tim Allen
Source: Screenshot YouTube
November 17, 2023
In the second season of "The Santa Clauses," which stars Tim Allen, the birth of Jesus Christ is highlighted in…
Justin Bieber
Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 12, 2023
Justin Bieber, the devoutly Christian pop star, has found himself in hot water after publicly supporting Israel.
Alice Cooper
Source: Screenshot YouTube
October 5, 2023
Alice Cooper is opening up about his faith like never before, saying that Jesus Christ is "everything" to him.
Sound Of Freedom
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 22, 2023
Questions are spreading like wildfire after a military base suddenly cancelled screenings of the hit movie "Sound Of Freedom."
Alice Cooper
Source: Screenshot YouTube
September 18, 2023
Alice Cooper, the legendary rocker, is speaking out to lament that young people have completely rejected Jesus Christ.