Rep. Devin Nunes Vows Criminal Referrals Are Coming For Mueller’s People

Rep. Devin Nunes sounded the alarm for those on the team of former special counsel Robert Mueller, stating “criminal referrals” may be on the horizon.

Mueller and his colleagues investigated interference in the 2016 election, despite recent documents showing former Obama officials from top to bottom knew full-well there was no evidence to tie the Trump campaign to Russia.

His investigation ran a price tag of over $35 million, even as the facts pointed to the allegations of Russian collusion being fraudulent from the beginning.

“We’re looking at doing criminal referrals on the Mueller team, the Mueller dossier team, the Mueller witch hunt, whatever you want to call it, Devin said during a Fox Nation broadcast. “That’s where we are now in our investigation.”

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Flynn Dominos

“We’re doing a large criminal referral on the Mueller dossier team that put together a fraudulent report — that knew there was no collusion the day that Mueller walked in the door,” the California Republican continued.

Nunes went on to reference the bombshell evidence that Mueller and his team entrapped former national security advisor General Michael Flynn.

“They set an obstruction of justice trap,” he added. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we will make a conspiracy referral there.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, meanwhile, repeatedly stated through friendly media outlets that there was “direct evidence” of collusion, despite testimony from officials stating otherwise.

Why was Schiff allowed to peddle this lie? And why did Mueller continue to investigate, to go after Flynn? Did the pair collude themselves to interfere in an election?

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Mueller Feeling the Heat

Fox News host Sean Hannity earlier this week mentioned the unredacted August 2017 “scope memo” by the Justice Department, which showed the full extent of powers given to Mueller.

The memo shows broad leeway given to Mueller, even allowing him to investigate General Flynn for what Hannity called “a bogus, non-existent Logan Act violation.”

He said the “collusion witch hunt” was still allowed to proceed “after they … had all the information that it was false.”

Hannity went on to suggest crimes may have been committed.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis, during the Fox Nation broadcast, said, “The Mueller probe was launched not to find wrongdoing from the Trump administration, but to cover up wrongdoing by Mueller’s colleagues, by his protege James Comey, by the corrupt Obama administration Department of Justice.”

Nunes also called Mueller and his team out for lying and misleading Congress “by omission” suggesting the entire conspiracy was dragged out through the 2018 election so Democrats could take control of the House.

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