Rashida Tlaib Attacks Biden For Not Saying ‘Palestinians Deserve Human Rights’ – Demands He ‘Speak Out Against This Violence’

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) went on MSNBC to lash out at President Joe Biden, demanding that he speak out more forcefully in support of the Palestinian people’s human rights as their military conflict with Israel continues.

“Do you feel any empathy coming from the White House? Have they called you to talk to you?” asked host Joy Reid.

Tlaib Sounds Off

“They are engaging me now finally after four months of me sending letters with colleagues, talking about home demolitions, talking about the attack on Palestinians living in Israel,” Tlaib replied. “I mean, their January 6 is happening right now daily in their lives, and their own neighborhoods being attacked by mobs because they’re Palestinian. They’re targeted because of their ethnicity.”

“You know, Joy, it is really hard because any of my colleagues that even have a sort of empathy towards Palestinians, they do it quietly with whispering because they continue to be intimidated and bullied by those that want to continue the status quo of apartheid in Israel,” she continued.

“They want to continue to have that power and hold, and they literally brush over Palestinians as somehow inherently violent, that they don’t deserve human rights,” Tlaib said.

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Tlaib Zeroes In On Biden

Not stopping there, Tlaib zeroed in on what exactly she feels is lacking in terms of what Biden is doing.

“And that’s what’s missing in the statements coming from President Biden. You don’t hear the words ‘Palestinians deserve human rights,’ that Palestinians deserve to exist, that Palestinians deserve to live freely, that children need to be safe and secure. You only hear it when they talk about Israeli citizens that are of a certain faith.”

Tlaib added, “I want to make it clear to all the Palestinians, I know it’s hard to hear now under attack. But Americans are standing strong, and they’re standing and saying, enough, President Biden. You will not do this on our watch. You have to speak out against this violence in a very aggressive way that holds Netanyahu and his leadership accountable.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on May 18, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • If you want to defend them, MOVE, and defend them. Personally I think the Israelis would love to have a chance at you.
    If I was running Israel Gaza wouldn't be a problem because I'd own it.

  • All Of The Hypothitically Delusional Racists are On The Left Side Of The US Political Equation!!!

  • You are Wrong, because the Israelites Gave, actually 3 Peace Deals to those Warmongering FAKE Palestinians ever since May 24, 1948 AD, and those FAKE Pali's Snubbed The Israelites Everytime, say why don't you Lefties Get Un-Indoctrinated Education, Starting In Pre-School, therefore you and your Lefty Friends would NOT Have To Repeat All Of Your Blood Shedding Exercises into the future!!!

  • To hear the CRT people talk, the history of America is nothing but racism and I can show you plenty of Conspiracy stories going back to Columbus. Apparently, that IS the American Tradition so it would be a 'shame' to change now.

  • One rocket killed two people yesterday and put 8 in the hospital while the Israelis take down an eleven (or 13) story building without harming anyone.

  • What Tlaib and her cohorts need to do is gather 500 or 1,000 of their loyal blm (pick a name) and take them over to Gaza so they can storm up and down the streets and burn all the local businesses.
    It works in America, it should work in Gaza.

  • Her only focus is Palestine. She does not care about Israel even tho Palestinians live there.

  • You may know the definition of "erudite", but that's as far as it goes. With you, it's all about your leftist PROPAGANDA, which has nothing to do with "erudite"...

  • Unbiased. Coming from a dumbed-down, copy and paste, indoctrinated, Trump-addicted, GOP-obsessed, liberal cud-chewer is laughable. Is it painful to be that dumb?

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