By Dr. Derek Ellerman

If you’re a conservative who has paid attention during the last several years, you’re definitely familiar with firebrand Trump supporters Diamond and Silk. 

Sadly, we learned last night of the tragic passing of Diamond, real name Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, at the age of 51. 

The two sisters made a huge splash in conservative social media circles during Trump’s ascendancy, and have been movement favorites ever since. 

President Trump shared the sad news last night: 

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Prayers Come Pouring In For Diamond

The outpouring of prayers and dedications for Diamond from her friends and supporters are the easiest way to measure the impact she had in life. 

Scott Presler, who has become the right’s most expert amateur GOTV activist, sent his prayers:

Kaya Jones, the Christian activist who got her start with the Pussycat Dolls, shared video:

Seb Gorka lamented that Diamond will be sorely missed:

Kimberly Guilfoyle paid her tribute:

MAGA Rep. Lauren Boebert shared a picture she took with Diamond at Mar-a-Lago, complete with Boebert’s “Let’s Go Brandon” dress – a slam on socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dress at the Met Gala:

The great and legendary Roger Stone shared a clip of Diamond and Silk’s greatest moments:

Conservative activist Terrence Williams shared a touching moment with the sisters:

Conservative actor Robert Davi let the tears flow as well:

This list is by no means exhaustive, of course. A quick search on social media reveals thousands upon thousands of heartfelt messages, proof of the impact Diamond had. 

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The Political Insider Remembers Diamond

Of course, Diamond and her sister’s feisty attitude was celebrated in these pages. 

I mean, telling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “Suck it up, Buttercup” is just classic.

Or even better, when they slammed the Philadelphia Eagles for turning a post-Super Bowl visit to the Trump White House into a political statement:

This humble author’s personal favorite moment came when the dynamic duo invited Whoopi Goldberg to try being waterboarded.

Hilarious and fearless. 

I think I can speak for my fellow Insiders when I say Diamond will be missed, and we pray for her surviving sister Herneitha during this devastating loss. 

Perhaps a bit of comfort is in knowing that your loved ones made such an impact on the world.

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