Black Conservatives Blast Chris Cuomo for Comparing ‘Fredo’ to the Most Hateful Anti-Black Slur

After CNN host and Italian American Chris Cuomo compared being called “Fredo” to someone using the “n-word” slur against African Americans, black conservatives began calling him out.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens said Cuomo’s remark was a reminder that CNN is the “most racist network on TV.”

“They use the history of black Americans as a shield so they can go after their opponents. @ChrisCuomo claiming that ‘Fredo’ is the same as the N word, so he can feel righteous as he thugs someone — proves my point,” she tweeted.

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Cuomo’s controversial comparison of the terms stems from a confrontation that became a viral video, where a man asked Cuomo if he was “Fredo” — a reference to the dumb, traitorous brother a character in iconic movie classic The Godfather.

The CNN anchor responded with an expletive-laced tirade in which he said “Fredo” was “like the n-word” for Italians.

Minimizing Black History

Candace Owens wasn’t having it. “When will black America stop giving hysterical white liberals the authority to keep minimizing our history? #MAGA,” she wrote in another tweet.


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The Political Insider’s own Wayne Dupree also went after Cuomo, giving a list of what he believes the CNN personality really thinks black people, via his “Fredo” comment.

“1. FREDO came from a Hollywood movie.

2. Slave masters didn’t call Italians ‘fredo’

3. Shows you what Cuomo thinks of black people

FREDO was associated with being ‘slow, and couldn’t be trusted’”

‘Pure Racism’

Senior Adviser for the Trump campaign, Katrina Pierson, laid into Cuomo hard.

“The N word is a dehumanizing word used against blacks who endured years of oppression. Fredo is a term from The Godfather, referring to the dumb brother. Equivocating the two is pure racism,” she tweeted.

Conservative hosts Diamond and Silk mocked Cuomo: “Wow, we always thought Chris Cuomo middle name was Fredo!”

Radio host Larry Elder lampooned the notion that “Fredo” was the “equivalent of the ‘n’ word.” “Who knew?” he tweeted, adding the hashtag #FredoCuomo.

Total Hypocrisy

In addition to Cuomo claiming “Fredo” is even remotely as offensive as the “n-word,” when a guest on CNN called Donald Trump Jr. “Fredo” on Chris Cuomo’s program in January, the host remained silent on the matter.

“Does CNN’s head of PR still think ‘Fredo’ is an ethnic slur after watching this?” Don Jr. tweeted Monday. “Because if it’s the N word for Italians like @ChrisCuomo says, I don’t understand why Chris seems so at ease with someone saying it here. An excuse just as fake as his news. #FredoCuomo”

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Does Chris Cuomo REALLY believe “Fredo” is in any way comparable to the level of pain the “n-word” conjures up?

If he does, black conservatives and others are firmly reminding him of the sheer ridiculousness of such a claim–and so they should.

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