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Diamond And Silk: Whoopi Goldberg Should Try Waterboarding

Diamond and Silk have a message for Whoopi Goldberg: if she’s so concerned about how torture works, maybe she should try it herself.

The pro-Trump vloggers were reacting to a suggestion made by Goldberg on “The View” Thursday that President Donald Trump should undergo torture in order to better understand what it feels like.

“I would like you to try it,” Goldberg said to Trump. “I think people who have actually been tortured who are saying that this is not a good thing you should listen to them because you have never been tortured and neither has Dick Cheney.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Diamond & Silk cut down Goldberg for the absurd suggestion, and proclaimed that she needs to learn to respect the President of the United States:

“Well you know, why don’t Whoopi Goldberg try it?” Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson asked. “She needs to try respecting the president of the United States is what she needs to do.”

“The president of the United States is not a terrorist, he’s an American, he’s our president, so why would we waterboard him?” Silk continued. “If she wants to try what waterboarding feels like, why doesn’t she do it?”

Torture has emerged as a hot topic in the news following the Senate confirmation hearings of Gina Haspel, Trump’s nominee to head up the CIA. If confirmed, Haspel will be the first female CIA Director – but liberals and the mainstream media are more focused on the fact that Haspel worked as chief of a CIA black site in Thailand in 2002. Silk touched on the sad fact that the MSM couldn’t care less about the historical ramifications of Haspel’s appointment:

“Another thing: why doesn’t [Goldberg] champion around Gina Haspel, to make sure that she gets this position? Wouldn’t she be the first woman in this position?”

“Hmmhmmm,” Steve Doocy concurred.

“So you should be championing around this woman who’s going to get this high position is what you should be doing,” Silk concluded.

Diamond and Silk couldn’t be more correct. Liberals like Goldberg clearly have no respect for the President of the United States, and no pride in their country.

It hardly matters that Haspel is on the verge of being named the first female CIA Director in history; she’s the wrong woman because of her past. Funny, considering how willing liberals were to turn a blind eye on Hillary Clinton’s past.

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