Poll: Less Than Half Of Democrats Would Fight And Die If America Was Invaded – How Much Better Were Republicans?

If another country invaded America and we were on the cusp of defeat, would you choose to die fighting for your home nation or would you surrender?
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If another country invaded America and we were on the cusp of defeat, would you choose to die fighting for your home nation, or would you surrender?

That was the question posed to Americans in a new poll conducted by the Daily Mail.

To nobody’s surprise, a vast majority of people – nearly two-thirds – say they would stay and fight even if it meant dying for their country.

Just 15% say they would “surrender and survive.”

When broken down by political party though, you might be surprised to learn that leftists who have suddenly morphed into warmongers for Ukraine wouldn’t lay down their life for their own country.

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Democrats Not Willing To Die If America Invaded

The Daily Mail broke down their poll results along several categories including age, sex, and race. But things got interesting when they posted results along political lines.

Democrats were the only major group surveyed in which less than half said that they’d be willing to fight and die for the country that has given them so much.

Just 46% said they’d be willing to die, and 24% indicated they’d surrender and survive. You know – Survive as communists under China’s rule, which is pretty much what being a Democrat amounts to these days anyway.

The remainder said they didn’t know what they’d do in such a scenario.

The next lowest group is young people aged 18-29, of which just 51% said they’d fight and die for their country, and at an even greater level than Democrats – 30% – said they’d be willing to surrender and survive.

James Johnson, the co-founder of polling firm J.L. Partners, said the survey reveals a “fracture in America.”

“The youngest adults, especially young women, as well as a significant portion of Democrats, would actively choose to surrender and survive in a military invasion than die defending the United States,” he explained.

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Republicans Much More Willing To Defend America

Now, it’s a lot easier to tell a pollster tat you’d be willing to fight and die for this country than it would be in an actual war scenario.

One can only imagine how much lower the number would be for Democrats and the youth movement in a real-world situation.

Independents and Republicans indicated they would be much more willing to die fighting for this country than Democrats.

66% of Independents said that they would do so, with just 13% claiming they’d surrender.

Republicans were willing to die for their country at an 80% clip, with just 7% saying they would surrender.

A poll out of Quinnipiac University back in March used the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to find out how different political groups would react in a similar scenario and got similar results.

Most Democrats said they would flee the country.

52% said they would flee the country if it were invaded and just 40 percent said they would stay and fight, according to the poll.

It seems safe to say that if the United States ever has to defend itself from an outside attack, liberal millennials will be tucking their tails and running.

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