Pilot Sends Brutal Message To Governor Gretchen Whitmer By Writing ‘F U’ In The Sky With Airplane

A Michigan pilot who is frustrated with Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer sent her a brutal message by writing “F U” in the sky.

After Whitmer extended her state’s lockdown order through May 28 last Thursday, small business owner Ed Frederick decided that he needed to voice his frustrations against her, according to The Blaze. Instead of writing her a letter or an email, however, Frederick decided to show off his anger against the governor in a much more public way.

On Friday morning, Frederick got in his Piper propeller plane and spent an hour crafting a straightforward message to Whitmer that was sure to hit her right where it hurts. As he flew over the city of Grand Rapids, Frederick clearly spelled out the letters “F U” with his flightpath, capping off the message with an arrow pointing to the governor’s mansion.

“The government, no matter Democrats or Republicans, always seem like they’re trying to do something just to prove they’re doing something, without weighing the ramifications,” Frederick, 45, told the New York Post afterward. “It’s a power trip.”

“That’s been an issue for a lot of people in the rural counties,” Frederick continued. “There are 82 counties, but really only four need to be locked down. [Whitmer] says this is for the safety of Michigan, but I think it’s for the safety of her keeping her votes, because the southeast is highly democratic.”

“I don’t need the government to wipe my tushie every two minutes,” he added. “Let me know what the problems are going to be and let me know what the ramifications are; I’m responsible for myself.”

Frederick’s move came one day after a lockdown protest at the state capitol in Lansing in which some of the protesters were armed. While he supports their right to protest, Frederick does not think they should be armed because it’s “not painting them in a good light.”

“We have an open carry, but just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean you should do it — it’s sort of like [the virus],” Frederick said.

Perhaps the protesters should take a page out of Frederick’s playbook, and find other ways to send messages to Whitmer!

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on May 5, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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