Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Says Trump Will Get ‘Clock Cleaned’ If He Goes To Supreme Court To Appeal Ruling

Pennsylvania’s democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman spoke on Saturday to say that President Donald Trump’s campaign will never be able to change the outcome of the election legally.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Goes After Trump

When asked by CNN if he had any fears that the Trump campaign would appeal a lawsuit dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to the U.S. Supreme Court, Fetterman replied, “I hope they do.”

“I hope they do and they’re gonna get their clock cleaned there the way they did, you know, here in Pennsylvania,” he said. “I mean, you know all of this snake handling at the Ramada that they had the other day here in Pennsylvania didn’t change this outcome.”

“And no matter what they do, it’s not gonna change the outcomes because there was two documented cases of voter fraud here in Pennsylvania and they both involved voters trying to vote for the president. So, no matter what they try and what they do, we all know how this movie’s gonna end,” he added. 

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When asked what he thought of conservatives who want to see the vote certification withdrawn in Pennsylvania, Fetterman said, “The resolution… the one that has like, five or six or seven senators and 25 House members, that’s not going anywhere either.”

“They should stick to the snake handling at the Ramada because this isn’t going to work and none of it is going to work. [Former Vice President] Joe Biden is going to win Pennsylvania,” he concluded.

Trump Will Continue To Fight

In an interview on Sunday, Trump defiantly said that he would never change his mind that massive voter fraud took place in this election. He added that he would “use 125% of my energy” to prove those claims, saying, “You need a judge that’s willing to hear a case. You need a Supreme Court that’s willing to make a real big decision based on everything.”

“My mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here,” Trump warned. “If Republicans allow it to happen, you’ll never have another Republican elected in the history of this country, at a Senate level or at a presidential level.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on November 30, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Anyone who has any doubts of the PA vote legitimacy should bring up tonight's Life, Liberty and Levin show on the net. Mark destroys the PA office holders who passed criminal laws and then had their hack judges, all the way to the State's Supreme Court, cover their behinds with bogus judgements. They should all be in jail.

  • Trump is absolutely right. I just wonder if anyone voted for Biden or if all of his votes came from FAKE BALLOTS.

  • Threatening the President! Your the one who needs his clock clean. Your just a thug. You belong in jail with the rest of democrats criminals who cheated. One big loser.

  • This guy should know Trump is the WRONG man to threaten...and maybe this Dem is getting worried about Trump possibly winning, to make such a threat...

  • It is not his "Clock" that is getting cleaned, it is his "Glock" that is getting cleaned so you better be careful of what and how you say it... and get your eyes checked so you don't misread anything anymore...

  • These Dem/Communists are thugs. They can't even speak without threatening someone and spewing their hate.

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