Pelosi Says That A Minimum Guaranteed Income May Be ‘Worthy Of Our Attention’

Nancy Pelosi said Monday that a guaranteed minimum income from the government deserves a look from lawmakers.

As Congress debates another relief package to help small businesses and individuals who have been financially hurt by government lockdowns during this coronavirus pandemic, House Speaker Pelosi signaled that maybe payments of this sort should become something permanent.


A ‘guaranteed income for people?’

Pelosi said on “MSNBC Live” that guaranteed minimum income is “perhaps” now “worthy” of serious attention from her colleagues and could even be part of future funding packages.

“As we go forward, let’s see what works,” Pelosi said. “What is operational, and what needs other attention? Others have suggested a minimum … guaranteed income for people.”

“Is that worthy of attention now?” she asked. “Perhaps so because there are many more people than just in small business and hired by small business as important as that is to the vitality of our economy and other people who are not in the public sector meeting our needs in so many ways that may need some assistance as well.”


Pelosi continued, “But again, recognize the realities of it all. What is the execution of it? What is working? And … what are we getting our money’s worth on? I think we have to look at that, too.”

“How is the money being spent?” she finished. “With all the best intentions in the world, but nonetheless, we want the money to go where it needs.”

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Will Democrats Use This Crisis to Push Through As Much Socialism As Possible?

While the government stepping in to help individuals and businesses negatively affected by this pandemic might be the right thing to do, isn’t also possible and even inevitable that Democrats will use this moment to push through a far-left agenda?

Or as former Obama man Rahm Emanuel infamously put in, “never let a crisis go to waste?”


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You don’t have to be as radical as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to understand that most Democrats want as much socialism implemented as the current political situation will allow them.

This crisis could all sorts of new doors for progressives, and Nancy Pelosi just admitted she’s keeping an eye on what’s possible.

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