PBS Reporter Wants White House To Support Maxine Waters’ Call For Activists To ‘Get More Confrontational’

On Tuesday, PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why the Biden administration was not defending Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ call for activists to “get more confrontational.” 

Waters created controversy over the weekend when the Democrat urged protesters in Minnesota to “stay on the street,” “get more confrontational” and “make sure that they know that we mean business.”

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PBS Reporter Alcindor Wants White House To Defend Waters

Waters said this as the country waited to hear if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin would be found not guilty of murdering George Floyd. Later Tuesday, Chauvin was found guilty on all counts.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy drew up a resolution to censure Water, but Democrats put a stop to that measure. 

Alcindor asked Psaki during a press briefing, “I wonder why the White House isn’t coming to the defense of Rep. Waters given the fact that she is facing an onslaught of attacks by, I would say Republicans.”

“I wonder why the White House isn’t saying, ‘We back what she said about being confrontational,'” Alcindor continued, claiming that Waters, “was obviously not threatening violence.”

The PBS White House correspondent continued, “There are civil rights leaders saying that’s what civil rights is, to be confrontational, to be active.”

In response, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “Well she also clarified her own remarks, Yamiche. And I think that’s the most powerful piece to point to.”

Critics React

Alcindor’s defense of Waters drew immediate criticism on social media.  

Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted, “When PBS is even MORE of a partisan shill than the DEMOCRATIC White House….”

Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald argued that it’s a positive development when journalists drop any pretense that they are not biased. 

The Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller had his own bone to pick with Alcindor:

This is not the first time Alcindor has been criticized for bias.

She was widely criticized after tossing softball questions to the new president after his first official press conference. 

After their exchange, former Trump aide Mercedes Schlapp said of Alcindor, “Yamiche should be hired as the DNC press Secretary. Compare her questioning of Trump and Biden.”

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