This One Poll Proves Democrats Dislike America



Bernie Sanders has been gaining steam in the Democrat party based on his self-proclaimed ‘revolutionary’ views for America. It is a Socialist platform which the Federalist Papers has said is a “leftist movement” that “demonstrates a closer alignment with Marxism and Communism.”

Being closer to Marxism or Communism makes it wholly un-American.

Yet, a whopping 57% of Democrats support those anti-American, pro-socialist views, a clear indication that the party continues to try and move the country away from the values that made America great.

Via the Daily Caller:

A clear majority of Democrats believe socialism has a “positive impact on society,” according to a poll by the American Action Network (AAN).

The political and economic system that wreaks havoc across the world from Venezuela to North Korea is enjoying widespread support in the modern Democratic Party.

A telephone poll of 1,000 likely Democratic primary voters found that when capitalism and socialism were polled head to head, socialism won by 15 percentage points, with just 25 percent of respondents saying they favored capitalism.

You can see the discrepancy below in a poll titled the National Democrat Primary Survey:


Meanwhile, too many Democrats don’t even understand what socialism is, including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and presidential front runner, Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps North Koreans could explain … if they had working phones and say, electricity.

In the meantime, here’s a fun video of one of these far-left liberal supporters of socialism, crying because conservatives disagree with her.

Here is a second video of a crying liberal just because it’s funny.

Comment: Do leftists who support socialism and are vehemently against capitalism, anti-American? Share your thoughts below.

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