Latest Super Tuesday News Doesn’t Look Good For Trump’s Opponents


The GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s dominance is starting to show and if it continues, it will go down as legendary. There are a handful of Republican candidates still seeking the party’s 2016 presidential nomination, but Trump has the clear road by far.

After winning back-to-back primaries in South Carolina and New Hampshire, reports are Trump now leads in 10 of the next 14 states set to go to the polls over the next 14 days. Surveys also reveal the bombastic real estate mogul is ahead by as much as 35 points in Massachusetts, with comfortable leads in Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Louisiana as well.

If you haven’t taken it in yet, a successful businessman from New York with no political experience or funding from SuperPACS, overpriced thinktanks or lobbyists pulling the strings is about to destroy the field for the GOP nomination, and they can’t do anything about it.

From NY Post:

Recent polls show that Trump is ahead in Nevada, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Louisiana.

According to Real Clear Politics, his biggest lead is in Massachusetts, where he is 35 points ahead of Marco Rubio.

Trump’s lowest margin of victory is predicted to come in Minnesota, where he leads Rubio by 6 points.

In Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s home state, Trump trails him by 6.7 percent, meaning he could still grab a chunk of the state’s 172 delegates.

Trump is currently ahead with a total of 61 delegates, 50 more than Cruz. The eventual nominee will need 1,236 out of 2,472.

Trump also trails in Arkansas, Colorado and Kentucky.

The candidates are now revving up their campaigns for Super Tuesday, March 1, when voters go to the polls in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.

The wide field has finally been winnowed down some. John Kasich is nearly out of funds to sustain his campaign and Dr. Ben Carson only has three delegates so far. Both will probably drop out soon leaving just Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. Rubio has already shown some signs of cracking under pressure; I have doubts about his ability to last until to convention.


There is a very real possibility that Trump runs away with this, too many people just seem unwilling to accept that it is a likely possibility. Cruz not winning a single county in South Carolina spells doom for his campaign going forward. Remember, that state was evangelical-heavy, and not one county followed Cruz.

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What do you think about Trump’s chances to run the table? He’s got the stamina to keep pushing forward, and the rally crowds are growing each event. Do you think one of the Senators will catch him? Tell us your opinions below in the comment section and ask your friends to chime in on this topic.


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