Sick of the media’s hypocrisy when it comes to President Trump’s new “zero tolerance” immigration policy?

We know the Obama Administration treated illegal immigrants far less humanely than the Trump Administration. We know that under Obama, minors caught crossing the border were stuffed into the equivalent of dog kennels. (RELATED: MSNBC Accidentally Reports Truth About ‘Caged’ Immigrants).

The media hardly made a peep about the Obama Administration’s immigration practices. In fact, California Senator Diane Feinstein admitted to ignoring the issue under the last administration:

Now we just got a lot more proof of the brazen hypocrisy of the media in acknowledging the previous administration’s border enforcement tactics. Take a look at this incredible Twitter thread from Brandon Darby of Breitbart News:

The image thread goes on, but here are some more highlights:

A former Washington Post report tried to point out that the Obama Administration’s practices weren’t nearly the same as the current policy enacted by the Trump Administration. Darby wasn’t having it:

There you have it. President Trump is enforcing the law while advocating for it to change. The Democrats just willfully ignored it. (RELATED: Melania Trump Speaks Out About Immigration Enforcement Policies).

Next time someone attempts to criticize Trump for his immigration policy of “zero tolerance,” be sure to remind him or her where he got the idea.