Rarely do first ladies speak out on specific policies on behalf of their husbands. One exception was Michelle Obama, who so loved the spotlight, she used it to push all types of nanny-state policies that Americans didn’t want.

President Trump has been under a lot of fire in recent days for his administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy that has resulted in the separation of minors from their parents after they cross the border illegally.

This policy, which has been absolutely condemned by the media, is by no means a new policy. Previous administrations have employed the same tactic in the past, yet the media outcry was on the same volume level of crickets. (RELATED: MSNBC Accidentally Reports Truth About ‘Caged’ Immigrants).

Hypocrisy aside, Trump can’t seem to escape the media’s unrelenting criticism. That’s when First Lady Melania Trump, who has a take-no-prisoners attitude toward combating the hostile media, spoke up.

Here’s a statement her office released to CNN regarding current immigration policy:

I think every American, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, can agree with that.

A country that doesn’t control its border isn’t a country, both definitionally and in practice. The hardline approach the Trump Administration is taking towards immigration is being used to cajole Congress into finally taking action on both legalizing the status of minors in the country and fund the wall along our border with Mexico.

Yes, we should govern with heart when it comes to immigration. But it’s heartless to current citizens to let people come to the country without limits.

First Lady Melania is taking a big risk sticking by her husband on this unpopular policy. But, like the President himself, she’s urging change. Congress needs to take responsibility for this issue and pass a bill that completely protects the border so this problem stops happening.