NBC’s Andrea Mitchell And Dem. Lawmaker Are Nearly Attacked In Anti-Cop ‘Autonomous Zone’ – Ask ‘Where Are The Police When You Need Them?’

Oh, the irony.

Andrea Mitchell

While visiting the “Black House Autonomous Zone” in D.C. this week, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) were charged by a man wearing just a pink bra, underwear, and knee socks.

Ironically, the first statement after the incident occurred was one of the two women reportedly saying, “Where are the police when you need them?”

The man appeared to make contact with Holmes Norton, 83, before a man who was identified by Fox News as someone within their security detail grabbed the individual and pulled him away. You can watch the video of the incident below:


Washington, D.C. protestors had attempted this week to create a police-free zone near the White House, similar to Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP that took over six blocks. The D.C. protestors have thus far been unsuccessful in doing so.

Fox News reports that immediately after the incident, a person – some have claimed it was Mitchell, while others say it was Norton, – asks, “Where are the police when you need them?”  Mitchell is then seen pointing several blocks away and saying there are “a million” police officers over there.

Remember, Mitchell and Holmes Norton were in the radically anti-police autonomous zone when this occurred. They were literally standing on a street painting that read ‘defund the police’ when this went down.

On social media, critics jabbed at Holmes Norton, a liberal politician who has been critical of the police, as well as Mitchell, who is also widely viewed as liberal.

“Someone should remind her that her party wants to abolish the police and give her the name of a good social worker,” Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson wrote on Twitter.

These media jackals and Democratic politicians will trash the police day after day and demand “gun control” while they walk around fully protected, often with armed guards and fortress-like homes. What a privilege it apparently is to be among the ruling class.

This piece was written by Amy Johnston on June 25, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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