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DC prostitution ring
November 14, 2023
Washington, DC, is no stranger to sex scandals, particularly large-scale prostitution rings explicitly geared to the elite political power players in the Beltway.
dc crime bill
March 24, 2023
The liberal crime bill pushed by local Washington, D.C. leaders and killed by President Joe Biden has backfired, inviting fresh oversight.
biden dc work from home
January 23, 2023
D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser is upset that Biden’s work-from-home rules are leaving the gauche, try-hard downtown areas empty. 
25-Year Old Congressman-Elect Says He Was Denied Apartment Because of 'Really Bad Credit'
December 9, 2022
Oh those poor Gen-Zers! It’s all fun and games until real life starts smacking you around. Apparently, that is what is happening to Congressman-elect Maxwell Alejandro Frost. Frost was elected to Congress last month to represent Florida’s 10th congressional district, but he’s run into a snag as he begins his new career.
Biden violates mask mandate
October 18, 2021
President Joe Biden and his wife dined at Fiola Mare restaurant in DC and neither wore masks thus violating the city’s face mask mandate.
video dc american flag
July 14, 2021
America is a nation divided perhaps like no other time since the Civil War. A vast array of entities are […]
dc statehood
May 6, 2021
Under the Twenty-third Amendment, ratified in 1961, a few dozen people in DC would have three electoral votes in presidential elections.
joe biden condemn violence
November 17, 2020
During a press conference Monday, not a single reporter asked Joe Biden to condemn violence against Trump supporters in Washington, DC.
Andrea Mitchell
June 25, 2020
NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was just nearly attacked in D.C.’s anti-cop “autonomous zone,” she asked, “where are the police when you need them?”
June 2, 2020
Don Lemon flirted with a nervous breakdown on air when he described President Trump’s efforts to impose law and order as “teetering on a dictatorship.”
January 20, 2020
Forgetting that the MLK memorial is hallowed ground, Liberals wasted little time taking the opportunity to take a swing verbal at the President
October 29, 2019
ABC’s “The View” discussed the World Series crowd booing President Trump and chanting “lock him up,” and at least one host thought it was a “beautiful moment.”