Nancy Pelosi Blasts Amy Coney Barrett As ‘An Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) paused during her press conference on Tuesday to launch an attack on Amy Coney Barrett, describing her as “an illegitimate Supreme Court justice” one week after Donald Trump’s third Supreme Court pick was confirmed.

“The president is installing an illegitimate Supreme Court justice just one week before the election, after 60 million Americans have voted, who will dismantle the ACA, and won’t say, either way, when asked, by Sen. [Dianne] Feinstein [D-Calif.], do you think Medicare is constitutional? She said she really couldn’t say,” Pelosi said.

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Amy Coney Barret Is, In Fact, Legitimate

Barrett was confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate last week in a 52-48 vote, according to The Hill.

Contrary to what Pelosi said, Barrett, 48, is just as legitimate as any other justice who has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.

This comes one week after Pelosi said that she does not trust the Supreme Court “one bit.”

“I don’t trust the Supreme Court one bit,” Pelosi told HuffPost. “Even the court cases they have decided in our favor, they said they will revisit, and it’s just appalling.”

Pelosi went on to attack Trump’s other Supreme Court picks as well, saying that Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh should all “recuse themselves” if Trump brings a case of election fraud to the highest court in the land.

“They should all recuse themselves, but especially the last appointment because 10 states were voting when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died,” Pelosi said.

“The day this new justice was sworn in, the whole country was voting, and it shouldn’t be something that should count toward this election.”

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Pelosi: Trump “Cheapened” The Supreme Court

The California Democrat added that it’s “most unfortunate” that Trump chose to rush through Barrett’s nomination days before the election.

“He cheapened the Supreme Court,” Pelosi said. “It’s almost impossible to cheapen himself any further, but nonetheless, he reinforced that.”

In contrast to what Pelosi had to say, Trump has had nothing but praise for Barrett.

“Justice Barrett made clear she will issue rulings based solely upon a faithful reading of the law and the Constitution as written not legislate from the bench,” Trump said during her swearing in ceremony last month.

“The American people put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take up the task of defending our laws, our Constitution and this country we all love.”

This piece was written by James Samson on November 3, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Continued list of negative responses from the Biden/Harris take over if elected. They will back out of the world trade deals Trump had going for America and our farmers with China. They will back out of the Iran deal and go back to the deal Obama gave Iran $1.5 billion dollars for. Continue to teach our children of socialism and bad things about our country and give our children no information of how America became a free Nation. They will tare down the southern border wall that is almost finished. They will throw millions of people back onto food stamps and welfare because of their loss of jobs. They will ban fracking and shut down our independence on fossil fuels gas, and oil refining. Price of gas at the pumps will go back to being $4 and $5 dollars a gal. The stock markets will begin to start collapsing causing your 401k's to disappear very fast along with your savings accounts. The housing market will collapse they will sign up to give billions of dollars to climate control.So many other destructive items on their list to wipe out that President Trump was making America great again on. If it has Trumps signature on it it will be eventually eliminated just for that reason. Yes, for all of those who voted for the Biden/Harris ticket I hope that you knew what you were doing in doing so. I pray to God that America will survive until we the people grow a spine and finally take our country back!! God Bless America!!

  • Nancy Pelosi doesn't like anything that is good or looks good! That is why today our country is in such a mess and our people are so divided is because of very negative and polluted minds within our government and our United States Congress! Nancy Pelosi heads up those obstructionists and far left radicals. America I sure hope and pray that you know what you may be electing to fill our White House with Joe Biden/Kamala Harris. The long list of negative and destruction that they have in mind and openly told us that they would instantly do or try to do once in power may collapse our beautiful country shortly after they take control. We were warned by them and we elected to sit on the sidelines and usher them right on in to super power status within our country where they can now carry out their part into bringing America to her knees. They will strike our 1st and 2nd amendments, Raise our taxes 4 $trillion dollars and on top of that, take away all of the tax cuts that President Trump passed on to the people equaling approx. a $6000 loss of household income for everyone. Can you afford to lose that amount of current income? The list goes on and it gets ever worst and it doesn't get better count on that! To be continued in next comments above.

  • When are you Republicans going to grow a spine and stand up to Nancy Pelosi? She is unfit to hold the office of Speaker of the House. She has shown this to be true time and time again and yet she continues to show her ass to all the world and nobody calls her on it! Just look at what she did and continues to try and do to our duly elected President Donald J. Trump and she gets away with it! Unbelievable!! If anyone within our Congress or government needs to be charged for failure to carry out their respected duties in a civilized manner it is Nancy Pelosi! Tell me why the Democrats can launch investigations one right after another against the Republicans especially against our President but, it always appears to be hands off of the Democrats? There is a whole lot of corruption going on in that DC swamp of Corruption and it needs to be drained and people there need to be arrested for criminal activities that are long overdo. Current possible criminal activities being investigated by the current AG will be swept away and all of those criminals in that DC Swamp of Corruption will walk away unpunished for all of their criminal activities as a new AG will be appointed by the possible new President..It all stinks here in the USA as bad as it it did in Denmark a few days ago. Pee you!

  • She got a hearing. Moscow Mitch denied Garland the same consideration.

    "No SCOTUS nominees in an election year"...yeah right.

  • Really? Exactly what consideration did any of the leftist senators give Barrett? Not one of them voted for her confirmation. This nation was founded on conservative values, not socialist, not communist, not muslime, not fascist, so in reality, there shouldn't be a single leftist in any government position of authority, because that is a direct violation of this nations Constitution.

  • Leftists like Peelousi are often correct in their statements but not for the reasons they claim. There are at least three, likely 4 justices (kagan, sotomayor, breyer, and roberts) that should recuse themselves because their political ideology prevents them from support of this nation's Constitution. It is a violation of the Constitution for any of those 4 to be in ANY position of authority in our government; same goes for ALL leftists!

  • Nutty Nancy lasting so long as Speaker of the House is proof positive is proof positive that all Democrats are morally and mentally challenged.

  • No matter what ACB has it over Pelosi with age. Nan is shriveling up and ready to crumble off like an ash on a smoked cig. Bye Nan.

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