Pelosi: House Will Step In And Decide Who Is President If No Clear Winner

Nancy Pelosi House Decide President

Nancy Pelosi has announced that the House is prepared to step in and decide who is President if the election results end up in dispute.

Should the Electoral College fail to decide either candidate is the winner, something likely to at the very least be delayed based on arbitrary deadlines set up for counting votes by individual states, then a vote would go to the House.

“We understand what the law is and the preeminence of the role of Congress and specifically the House of Representatives when it comes to counting the votes,” Pelosi said in an interview with NPR.

The House Speaker went on to suggest a biased effort threatening, “we’re ready for him [President Trump].”

“We’re ready. We’re prepared. We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy and for the integrity of our elections,” Pelosi declared. “So we’re ready for him.”

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Ramifications If Nancy Pelosi and the House Decide Who Is President

A report in Axios on Sunday indicated President Trump was prepared to declare victory on Election Night if he is in the lead and despite the prospect of mail-in ballots still needing to be tallied in key swing states well after that.

Trump said in a Fox & Friends interview this morning that the report was false and he would make an announcement “only when there’s victory,” and that there is “no reason to play games.”

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained the process earlier this year.

Napolitano relayed that should the Electoral College fail to cast ballots for either candidate, the vote would go to the House.

It wouldn’t be a majority vote, however, but a unified one in which each state delegation decides, meaning whichever party has a majority of the states would be selecting the president.

Republicans currently hold that edge, 27 to 22, with one state tied, though the election itself could change the political landscape.

A Nightmare Scenario

Napolitano went on to explain a nightmare scenario in which Pelosi could actually be named President if the election results drag on past Inauguration Day.

“President Trump’s term ends at precisely noon on Jan. 20, 2021,” he told host Stuart Varney.

“If the Electoral College has not yet named a successor, presumably either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, then whoever is the speaker of the House would become the acting president of the United States.”

While that would be a nightmare for America, it would be a dream come true for some far-left zealots who view the presidency as a joke.

On an episode of “The View” last month, liberal co-host Joy Behar could hardly control herself while interviewing Pelosi.

“Nancy, I’m dreaming of the day when we say ‘President Nancy Pelosi,'” Behar gushed in the presence of the 80-year-old California lawmaker. “I think that sounds really good.”

Prior to that interview, Pelosi herself hinted that she was prepared to become acting President should the need arise.

The House Speaker very recently announced legislation to create a commission that would allow Congress to oust a president from office, using the 25th Amendment.

If Trump refuses to concede due to post-election shenanigans in swing states, will she consider invoking the amendment?

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Pelosi told the New York Times.

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