More illegal migrants composing the so-called ‘migrant caravan’ have begun to enter the U.S. after breaching the southern border with Mexico.

In other words, the scenario liberals said was never coming? It’s here, and could potentially become worse.

Fox News reports:

At least two dozen Central American migrants — who claim they’re disillusioned and frustrated with the asylum-seeking process — breached the U.S.-Mexico border Monday just before dusk by scaling a 10-foot metal fence, witnesses say.

They were observed using blankets and ropes to help climb over the structure separating California from Tijuana, where thousands of migrants have been gathering in recent days. Other migrants managed to squeeze through a section of the fence on the coastal city’s beach, according to Reuters.

The situation at the border is terrible and only getting worse. With the Trump administration attempting to hold the line and bar the migrants from illegally entering, some have become violent in return, attacking border agents and trying to force their way into the country. (RELATED: Migrants Chant ‘Yes We Can,’ Attempt to Storm Southern Border.)

Mr. Trump: build UP this wall!

Not only that, but some migrants are deliberately scaling the border, and hoisting their kids over the rudimentary wall, in order to be arrested immediately. (RELATED: Journalists Swarm Caravan Migrants as They Scale Fence at Mexican Border.)

President Trump needs to quit dallying and erect the border wall as soon as possible. (RELATED: President Donald Trump Needs to Put Up or Shut Up on Immigration.) But instead of pushing for border-wall funding in the spending bill that keeps the government open past this Friday’s deadline, Trump has punted, agreeing to an extension and a possible border-funding fight near Christmas. (RELATED: Democrats Agree to Two-Week Stopgap Funding Bill.)

Liberal journalists pretended migrants would never breach the border

Of course, liberal journalists like Jim Acosta of CNN assured us none of this would happen:

Think the latest news of the border breach will change CNN’s reporting? I wouldn’t hold your breath.