A mob of  “peaceful’ migrants” chanting “Yes we can!” attempted to breach the U.S./Mexico border and were immediately turned back by rounds of tear gas.

Border Patrol fired tear gas at the oncoming wave of illegals as they attempted to rush the border, all the while throwing rocks and other projectiles at law enforcement.

A statement issued by the agency said the gas was used to “dispel the group because of the risk to agents’ safety,” noting that “several agents were hit by the projectiles.”

The following video shows some of the invaders throwing large rocks just before the rounds of tear gas are fired off.

Liberal media ignores violence, tells other reporters to lie

The reality of what is happening at the border, as demonstrated by the emerging videos, is not being reported accurately by the media.

We know, that must come as a bit of a surprise to you, since the media normally likes to be so accurate and unbiased.

Just kidding, here’s CNN’s Brian Stelter retweeting a post urging reporters not to accurately convey what is happening. In other words, he’s actively encouraging his colleagues to cover up the facts, which is the very definition of ‘fake news.’

We wouldn’t want to tell the American people about a caravan of migrants storming the border just because they’re actually storming the border, now would we?

Need proof? Take a look …

Trump vows to stop the lawlessness

Despite relentless media attacks and biased reporting, President Trump continues to tell the illegal border mob that they will be turned back.

In a defiant message on social media, the President warned Mexico to turn the caravan back using any means necessary, again threatening to close the entire border if need be.

There is little doubt that the media, not concerned with the safety of the American people and the security of our nation, will latch onto that ‘stone cold criminals’ comment.

It should be noted by those invested in accurately reporting the situation that there have been several stories involving the caravan being infiltrated by individuals from the Middle East or MS-13 animals, along with profiles of migrants accused of serious crimes.

He’s right – the border needs to be shut down when there are ‘stone cold criminals’ amongst the crowd.

Was the “Yes we can” mob inspired by Obama?

Video footage also shows the unruly mob attempting to storm the border chanting one of Barack Obama’s signature phrases – “Yes we can!”

Of course, chanting a phrase that Obama used as his political message for years doesn’t necessarily draw a straight line of support from the former President.

But imagine, if you will, a group of criminals in the act of committing a crime while chanting ‘make America great again!’

How do you think the American media would cover that story?

Obama’s Border Patrol used tear gas at the border, too

Remember when we were told that President Trump’s policy of separating children from their illegal adult counterparts was a brand new thing that only a racist would do? Then it turned out Obama did the same thing?

Well, we’d like to preemptively remind journalists that Obama’s Border Patrol tear-gassed migrants at the border, too.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on November 25th, 2013:

A group of about 100 people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents, who responded by using pepper spray and other means to force the crowd back into Mexico, federal officials said.

There it is. Border Patrol, under the Obama administration, did the same exact thing.

What’s interesting about that report is that Obama’s name is never mentioned, not once. Will today’s reports about the migrant caravan and illegals throwing rocks and bottles at border agents, prompting shots of tear gas, mention President Trump? You bet they will, front and center.

Considering the President has given the okay to use lethal force, those engaging in violent acts such as throwing rocks at agents should feel lucky that the agents only used tear gas.

“If they have to, they’re gonna use lethal force,” Trump said on a call to U.S. military officers. “I’ve given the okay. If they have to. I hope they don’t have to.”

It doesn’t matter what happens at the border, the mainstream media will blatantly lie about it. In this instance, they truly are the enemy of the American people.