When it comes to the migrant caravan trekking through Mexico in hopes of reaching our border, Latin America is apparently not sending all their best people. One caravan member explained to a reporter his reason for joining: the attempted murder charges pending against him – and that’s just what he freely admitted to on national television. Who knows what he didn’t admit to, or what kind of past the other 7,000 migrants have?

According to the Daily Caller:

“A member of the migrant caravan marching toward the U.S. southern border revealed to Fox News that he was fleeing Honduras after committing attempted murder. In an interview that aired Sunday, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins talked to a man named Jose with the help of a translator. Jose revealed his criminal past and said he is traveling with the caravan to enter the United States with the hope of receiving a pardon.”

Jose told Jenkins that “In my country, Honduras, I got in trouble.” When asked to elaborate, Jose added “Attempted murder.”

The caravan is not “refugees”

For as desperate as the media is to portray the caravan as “women and children” merely seeking refuge from violence, anyone with two eyes can see otherwise. The fact that the caravan has rejected the opportunity to apply for asylum in Mexico proves that they’re not really asylum seekers. You know that old saying “beggars can’t be choosers?”

Meanwhile, Fox News’ resident klutz Shepherd Smith said in a message directed to President Trump “There is no invasion. No one’s coming to get you. There’s nothing at all to worry about.” How clueless.

Caravan getting loaded into buses in Mexico

Yesterday Jenkins reported live from Oaxaca, Mexico, where eleven buses were picking up migrants to drive to Mexico City, to aid their journey. While at least 80 busses would’ve been needed to transport the entire caravan, others are likely finding other sources of transportation other than walking as well. It’s unknown who provided the busses or who paid for them.

And in the meantime, a second and third caravan, each having over 1,000 individuals, have sprung up. At first it seemed that a new caravan popped up every couple of months – now they’re popping up faster than we anyone can track them.

There’s at least a silver lining in the timing of the caravan so close to the midterms. President Trump’s successful presidential campaign was centered on immigration, and the caravan has only given him the opportunity to flex his strength on the issue. Yesterday, the Pentagon announced they would send 5,000 active-duty troops to the border to stop the caravan from crossing. There’s only one permanent solution to this recurring problem, however, and that’s Trump’s promised border wall.