Images have emerged of dozens of Honduran caravan migrants scaling a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico in Tijuana, with journalists in tow, taking pictures. The illegal immigrants are then promptly taken into custody by American Border Control agents.

Those arrested said they would claim political asylum, knowing full-well attempts by President Trump to halt the practice had been rendered illegal by a federal judge in California in November.

Some of the images are heartbreaking, as migrants recklessly place children in peril by having them scale the fence, some being lowered by their arms, in tears as they and their accompanying adults are escorted away by officers.

You can actually see journalists, who outnumber the migrants in some images, snapping photos as the children are placed in harm’s way by these adults.

Journalists are only concerned about the photos

Remember when melodramatic reporters like NBC’s Katy Tur compared their jobs to ‘firefighters running toward a fire?’

Take a gander at that photo above, as crying children are lowered into a certain arrest situation by Border Patrol agents – rightfully so, we might add – and rather than running toward the fire, they kneel down and snap photos, trying to get the most dramatic image of a crying child possible to smear the President with.

These people are despicable.

Adult migrants putting children in danger

Many of those scaling the wall and subsequently taken into custody, according to the Daily Mail, were “women and children.”

It was mere days ago that the New York Times reported on a migrant woman who “fell and was impaled on metal bars … after she and her children tried to climb a wall.”

Apparently, that wasn’t enough of a deterrent to stop these women from hauling their children over the wall as well.

Any guesses as to what would work to stop people from scaling the wall? How about a bigger and/or better wall?

A new border wall built in San Diego has stopped every single migrant from passing illegally according to Rodney Scott, chief of the San Diego Border Patrol sector.

“I’d like to point out that not a single migrant climbed over the new border wall,” he announced.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to insist the border will be secured and even shut down if necessary.

You would think Democrats in Congress, if they truly wanted to protect the children, would be on board with securing the border and making the process for legal immigration or pursuits for asylum as streamlined as possible.

Then these journalists could take pictures of everyone’s smiling faces instead.