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Democrats Agree to Two-Week Stopgap Funding Bill

Democrat congressional leaders have reportedly agreed to a two-week funding bill to avoid a government shutdown this Friday.

President Trump was previously threatening to withhold his support for a funding bill that doesn’t include at least $5 billion for his border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. However, that request has been put on hold due to the recent death of former President George H.W. Bush, whose funeral and attendant mourning ceremonies will occur this week. (RELATED: The Extraordinary Measures Trump is Taking to Honor President George H.W. Bush.)

President Trump has put off the spending fight in lieu of Bush’s death, keeping the focus on honoring his Republican predecessor. But in order to do so, he is insisting on a temporary spending bill to offset Friday’s shutdown deadline.

And it appears Democrats just gave in on the request. From Politico:

Democratic Hill leaders appear likely to support a two-week government funding bill, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. This timeline puts the funding fight up against Christmas. An announcement could come as soon as this afternoon.

As we reported earlier this morning, President Trump will still keep up the fight to get border-wall funding. (RELATED: Trump Vows to Halt Illegal Immigration Despite Democrat Reluctance to Fund Border Wall.)

Trump’s inability to cajole Congress into delivering on his main campaign promise – the border wall – has been a huge failing of his first term thus far. Sixty Senate votes are necessary to pass the appropriations bill for the wall. Republicans currently hold 51 seats. Their majority will increase to 53 seats next year, but that still won’t be enough. He needs to pick off a few Democrats to reach that 60-vote threshold.

Until then, the wall goes uncompleted. And so does Trump’s main promise to voters.

Trump has the political instincts to know this. That’s why the stopgap spending bill is just temporary. The fight will carry on into what looks like Christmas week.

This may actually give Trump an edge: Congresspeople will want to get out of town for Christmas. Trump may just push them into passing a bill for wall funding just so they can go home for Christmas.

Christmas may be an important holiday, but our nation’s safety is paramount. Let’s hope with Trump’s deal-making prowess, and a little Christmas magic, Santa can give America a shiny new border wall this year!