President Trump is vowing to clamp down on illegal immigration despite Democrat intransigence to fund his border wall to the tune of $5 billion.

This Friday, the federal government is set to run out of money. If a spending bill isn’t passed before the end-of-week deadline, some governmental agencies will partially shutter.

President Trump was planning to use this moment in order to force funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. That is, until former President George H.W. Bush died. With funeral arrangements now consuming much of the administration’s time, not to mention resources, Trump is beginning to agree on a modest extension of the spending deadline. (RELATED: The Extraordinary Measures Trump is Taking to Honor President George H.W. Bush.)

Previously, Trump was demanding $5 billion in the spending package specifically designated for building the wall. So far, Democrats haven’t lifted a finger to help provide the funding.

Now, Trump is letting Democrats know that he’s willing to take whatever measure is necessary to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country.

Trump unleashed much sound and fury over Twitter, vowing to shut down the border if necessary:

President Trump must be starting to get a sense that if he doesn’t get the wall funded, his presidency is going to be limited to just one term.

Think about it: “Trump” and “wall” were synonymous during the campaign. Trump was most associated with erecting a big beautiful wall along our border with Mexico, presumably with Trump’s ever-present last-name brand filigreed at various points along the hundreds-mile stretch.

So far, Trump has failed to deliver on his most famous promise. (RELATED: President Donald Trump Needs to Put Up or Shut Up on Immigration.) He knows his failure will hurt him in 2020.

That’s why Trump is throwing down the gauntlet now. Either we get a wall, or the southern border closes. The ball is now in the Democrats’ court.