Here’s What’s at Stake for Republicans in the November Midterms

The midterms are fast approaching and with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, it could be tempting to be lazy and simply sit home. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

A lot, actually. It’s usually the case that the opposition party has an advantage over the President’s party – which we all saw during the Red tsunamis in the 1994, 2010 and 2014 midterms. Democrats are going to be just as energized as Republicans were during those elections, so it’s up to Republicans to match that enthusiasm. Thus far, every indicator shows that Republicans should maintain control of the Senate, but the House is in serious jeopardy.

The Republican National Committee has fund-raised twice as much as the DNC over the past year, but individual Democrat candidates have slightly outraised their Republican counterparts.

However, it should be noted that Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors by turning up the flames on the anti-Kavanaugh witch hunt this close to the midterms. Support for Democrats in the midterms against Republicans went from a +14 point lead for Dems to +7 in the wake of the Kavanaugh allegations and subsequent circus. Democrats are banking on attacking Kavanaugh over allegations that only 1 in 4 women find credible.

Remember what’s at stake: impeachment, gun control, blocking Ginsburg’s eventual replacement, taxes, the border wall, and much else.

Let’s review:

Impeachment – Maxine Waters has been calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump since before Trump was even elected President. There’s no shortage of crazies in the Democratic Party who would find something to bring forward the articles of impeachment in an attempt to bring Congress to a completely halt. Chuck Schumer says that when it comes to impeachment, “the sooner the better.”

Ginsburg’s Replacement – If the fight over Brett Kavanaugh is any indication, Democrats will push forward an extremely left-wing justice if another vacancy opens up. Ginsburg is 85 years old, and according to the Social Security actuarial life tables, she has roughly a 1 in 10 chance of dying each year (which increases each year).

Taxes – For some reason Democrats are actually campaigning on raising taxes. Meanwhile, Republicans in the House just passed a bill to make the Trump tax cuts for individuals permanent. Nancy Pelosi has promised to raise taxes if Democrats take back Congress, and why not? It’s all just “crumbs” anyway.

The Border Wall – Progress on the border wall is already slow, but it would be non existent with a Democrat majority.

Gun Control – Democrats will try to push some of their allegedly “common sense” gun control.  Sen. Mark Warner published an op-ed in the Washington Post this week stating that he’s “rededicating himself” to gun control  and expressed regret on his prior opposition to an assault weapons ban.

If you don’t want any of those things, remember to get out and vote!

By Matt

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